Saturday, December 29, 2012

Joplin Globe's new statehouse correspondent: I have never been a blogger

The Joplin Globe's new statehouse correspondent, Eli Yokley of the PoliticMo blog, asked me to print a clarification of his remarks that I posted earlier today from a Joplin Globe article that said Yokley considers himself a "journalist" not a blogger.

I am happy to oblige.

Yokley's statement:
"I have never taken on the title 'blogger' because I never considered the work I do blogging. I took on the title of journalist because I believe I've spent the last nearly three years doing real shoe-leather journalism that I felt was lacking in Missouri. With The Fuse Joplin and PoliticMo, I took on journalism as a public service, and with the opportunity The Joplin Globe has given me, I hope to continue in that same spirt.
Yokley also took issue with my statement "Though he started with the Joplin Fuse blog and then PoliticMo, apparently blogging may be a bit beneath Yokley's station at this point."

"Things like this are why my perception of bloggers is the way it is," Yokley said.


Anonymous said...

Help me understand something here Randolph. What do you consider yourself?

Randy said...

I am happy to be considered a blogger, a journalist, a writer, a teacher, or anything else anyone wants to call me (within reason). I see nothing wrong with any of those things.

Blue Girl, Red State said...

He was introduced to me at Truman Days in KC in 2010, as a "fellow blogger" and he didn't object to the label then.