Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Preliminary hearing tomorrow for elementary teacher facing prostitution charge

The preliminary hearing for a Springfield elementary teacher charged with promoting prostitution has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday in Greene County Circuit Court.

Laura Fiedler, 35, and her husband, Mark, were both charged, with Mrs. Fiedler being represented by southwest Missouri's top criminal defense lawyer Dee Wampler. 

Both Fiedlers claimed they were shocked to hear that prostitution was going on in an establishment (the Landmark Hotel) and thought they were just making arrangements for massages.

The following passage came from the Feb. 8 Springfield News-Leader:

But authorities say data from the cell phones of Mark and Laura Fiedler as well as the phones and testimony of several of the women thought to be involved in the alleged prostitution ring, say otherwise.
According to court documents, both Fiedlers received text messages and emails that indicated that sexual services were being offered.
Pending motions in the case are scheduled to be taken up at Wednesday's hearing.

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