Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Sarah Steelman: Obama neglecting small businesses

In her latest Steel Resolve commentary on Sarah Palin's radio network, former U. S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman says President Obama is neglecting small businesses during his meetings with leaders of big corporations.


Busplunge said...

Sarah's licking her chops to run for Emerson's seat.

Busplunge said...

I'll bet Sarah is licking her chops to jump in the race for Emerson's seat.

Anonymous said...

Funny, in this area of SW Missouri there are still several 4 x 8 ft. Spence signs still up at street corners, a bunch of Todd Akin signs, apparently no one cares enough about their ex-candidate to even clean up their trash piles.

No doubt, Steelman and the rest of the pack are just waiting to get in this seat. They can just smell that salary now.