Friday, January 18, 2013

Ed Emery: Education committee will give me a chance to push for reforms

In an article from the Nevada Daily Mail, Sen Ed Emery, R-Lamar, says he will use his spot on the Education Committee to promote his ideas of educational reform.

Amazingly, the reporter apparently did not even go beneath the surface of Emery's comments, not questioning about him vouchers, standardized tests, teacher tenure, or Emery's comments that public schools are "a pipeline to prison."

From the Daily Mail article:

"I have not started drafting legislation yet," Emery said from his Jefferson City office. "I haven't studied the biographies of all the members, but I think we have a committee that will be interested in anything that looks like it would be workable."There are a number of states that have been good laboratories like Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and Massachusetts. The teachers are the core of any successful program. We need to bring up test scores, reduce dropouts and get better outcomes with college placements and more consistent employment statistics for higher wage jobs.Emery said other factors must also be brought into play for public school education to get where it needs to go. "Character, skills and all of that work together," he said.
Don't expect anything that sounds anywhere near that reasonable once he starts filing legislation.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Ed "Deadhead" Emery'

We've got the finest educational system in the world. Every child has an opportunity to attend a public school and participate in an opportunity to better themselves and have a bright future.

Don't screw with it.

Anonymous said...

This is what term limits has given us. Let's call it The Political Peter Principal. Emery is the perfect example.

Many times in politics promotions are not based on achievement, success, and merit, but in voters constantly promoting people to elective office beyond their level of ability.

Emery has been promoted to a position at which he is not competent and there he will remain for eight years.

Rick Nichols said...

The way things are so screwed up anymore, it's entirely possible that this reporter had been ordered not to confront Mr. Emery in any way. In short, "just give him something he can hit," to put it in baseball terminology.