Friday, January 18, 2013

Ed Martin: Special elections provide opportunities for GOP

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

The Missouri Republican Party is touting the opportunity to retain Republican control of the 157th House District seat in an April 2 special election, which was prompted by the appointment of GOP Rep. Don Ruzicka to the Board of Probation and Parole.
The 157th district consists of most of Lawrence County in conservative Southwest Missouri—one of the most Republican areas in the state. In fact, in the November 2012 election, Lawrence County was one of Missouri’s strongest Republican counties—giving more than 72% of the vote to Mitt Romney and supporting every single Republican on our statewide ticket.
“It’s clear that the citizens of Lawrence County will not elect someone who will stand with Barack Obama, especially at a time when he is abusing his executive authority in an attempt to restrict our 2nd Amendment freedoms,” said Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.  “We look forward to working with the local Republican committees and the House Republican Campaign Committee to ensure the election of a conservative who respects the Constitution and reflects the views of the district.”
The 157th special election will take place on the same day as a special election to fill a vacancy in the 76th District in St Louis City.  While the 76th District is one of the most Democratic in the state, this presents the Republican Party with an opportunity to begin expanding our tent by aggressively reaching out to voters in the state’s urban areas.  We plan to work with the St Louis City GOP to ensure that a Republican gets on the ballot, giving voters a real choice in the election.

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