Monday, January 21, 2013

Ed Emery in Joplin: Public school teachers undermining religion, patriotism, family

During a December speech at the True Charity Initiative Leadership Forum in Joplin, Sen. Ed Emery, a member of the Senate Education Committee, ripped into public education and its teachers, claiming they have indoctrinated three generations of Missouri children.

"We have to take back the minds of children from the government," Emery said.

"We no longer have public schools, we have government schools. We have government-paid teachers, a government-made curriculum, and government supplied buildings."

"For three generations, we have allowed the absolutes of religion, patriotism, and family to be removed in favor of tolerance and openmindedness."

This is being done, Emery said, because teachers want to be liked and trusted by their students, so they are not teaching the children, as they should, that the "one size fits all socialist government" (represented by public school teachers) should not be trusted.

Emery's remarks begin about 20 minutes into the video.


Anonymous said...

On the day the President reminded us: “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle..." Seth J

Anonymous said...

People actually listen to this stuff and vote people like this into office...Shame!!...

Anonymous said...

Again, I repeat myself.

It's just a crying shame.

Him being in the Senate, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone heard Colin Powell's comments during the Inaugural. He pretty well summed up the worthlessness of the Republicans nationwide.

They are all alike, nuts.

Anonymous said...

What is the source of your government check?