Friday, January 18, 2013

Senate Majority Whip: Founding Fathers wanted us to have assault rifles

In his latest report, Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves, R-Washington, reveals just how farsighted our Founding Fathers were. According to Nieves, they wanted us to have assault rifles.

As many are aware, I have no hesitation when it comes to standing up and defending our rights as outlined by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Not everyone agrees with my stance on firearms in our country, but I strongly feel that word needs to be spread regarding the importance of this American freedom. I have serious concerns regarding the preservation of our free country — we must ensure our constitutional rights are passed on to our children and grandchildren. 

Since the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, many individuals have expressed to me that there should be further restrictions on weapons that are specifically designed to hold several rounds of ammunition or have a military-like appearance. I’ve also heard from individuals all across the board who say we should “give in,” or compromise regarding gun control. Though I respect the opinions of my fellow Missourians, I firmly believe we have a solid right to own firearms, and it should be Missourians’ preference as to how many firearms they own. 

Allow me to explain. Our Founding Fathers were very clear as to why they thought Americans should own weapons. If individuals would collectively take a short amount of time to actually research what our Founding Fathers stated about gun ownership and control, they would see that what many arbitrarily refer to as “assault rifles” would fit squarely with what our Founding Fathers wanted us to possess. Keep in mind, our country’s first leaders had just escaped tyranny and experienced firsthand the consequences of a power-hungry government. Our Founding Fathers knew that unarmed people become “subjects,” while people who are free to protect themselves are “citizens.” They knew that government, by its very nature, would continually seek more power and that it had an insatiable hunger for more of our money and our liberty. Our great leaders wanted American citizens to be free to protect themselves from, God forbid, a tyrannical government. 

Now, am I afraid our government will become an absolute dictatorship in my lifetime? No; however, I do understand the very nature of government, and a tyrannical government could someday be possible. As American citizens, we must guard today what we want tomorrow, and therefore, we cannever allow government to take even one small step further in the direction of restricting citizens’ right to own firearms. 

Individuals may argue that my position is old-fashioned and doesn’t apply to modern times, and although I disagree, here is a more “modern” reason why our Second Amendment Rights are vital to us now. You may or may not be familiar with the absolute financial crisis — no, emergency — our country is in, but I'm acutely aware. We are living in a time when it is possible for the American dollar to lose its standing as the international medium of exchange. 

As it stands right now, countries have to buy and sell on the international market using U.S. dollars — this means when countries buy oil from OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), they use U.S. currency. I could go into lengthy detail to explain all the aspects of how America, as we know it, could literally cease to exist if we lose the coveted position the U.S. dollar currently holds as the international medium of exchange. However, I will say this: the America you are accustomed to would no longer exist, and it is possible (even likely) that we could become weakened to the point of inviting an invading army. If that were to ever occur, and I pray it doesn't, I want an AR-15 in every closet of every house in America. Some Missourians do not believe this situation would happen, and I fervently pray they are correct. I fail to receive comfort in believing that the weakening of our nation could never happen, and I would feel much better if American citizens were armed. 

Gun control laws empower the government by making the people weak and encourage criminals because they have no regard for what the law states. Increased gun control would disarm the innocent and weaken those who follow the law. I want all my constituents and loved ones to know that I will never back down, not even one inch, on the subject of gun control, and I will fight any measure in the Legislature that further restricts our God-given right to defend ourselves. Gun control is not about guns — it’s about control.

I appreciate you reading this important Capitol Report, and please stay tuned to the imperative discussions we will have in the upper chamber throughout the 2013 legislative session. Thank you and God bless.

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