Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emerson to resign Tuesday to head lobbying organization

The Washington merry-go-round continues Tuesday when Rep. JoAnn Emerson resigns from Congress to head the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, a lobbying organization.

Rep. Emerson's move is distasteful, not only in that she is moving directly from a job representing the people to a job where she will take advantage of her time as a legislator to help special interests influence legislation.

Of course, she is not allowed to personally lobby members of Congress for one year, but she will certainly be able to direct those who are, using the knowledge she received at the taxpayers' expense.

Plus, she is resigning just a little more than two months after being elected to a two-year term.

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Anonymous said...

It's most disturbing that she apparently ran for another term in Congress knowing full well that she was going to resign early on in her new term. The good citizens of Missouri deserve better.