Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tim Jones on Post-Dispatch: Hopefully, be in online format only soon

In this Progress Missouri video, Speaker of the House Tim Jones, R-Eureka, rips into newspapers, saying about the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the newspaper "hopefully be in online format only soon." After that, he derides the dinosaur media.


Rick Nichols said...

You're on the ball, Randy, catching these demeaning remarks about the newspaper industry made by Mr. Jones. This is supposed to be the Internet Age, so it's rather interesting that he seems to fear the printed version of The Post-Dispatch much more than he fears the online version. Obviously there's still something very powerful about the printed word everyone down at the local coffee shop can look at in the morning that the digital word just can't match.

Randy said...

Thanks, Rick. Progress Missouri does a good job of posting these videos.

We don't like liberal Tards said...

The truth is often demeaning to you liberal retards.

Face it. Nobody wants to actually pay money to read liepapers anymore. So we don't. We read what we want to read on our blogs and forums and talk radio and our TV channels.

So as a result, you liberals are out of touch, bypassed and irrelevant.

And yes, we do think it is funny when liars have to seek a new profession. The reason I like reading Turner's blog is hearing him squeal like a pig just before he gets his throat cut and is rendered down for his lard like a November pig.

Thanks to the Internet we have a choice and we don't chose you no more.