Friday, January 18, 2013

Ed Emery: President Obama must be impeached

In his latest report. Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, says Congress has been negligent in its duties by not impeaching President Barack Obama. Emery also encourages elected officials and law enforcement officers to defy any of President Obama's executive orders.

The national furor this week pertains to the latest attack on legitimate gun ownership from the White House. The office charged with defending our constitutional rights has now become the enemy, as it no longer protects our God-given liberties. Emails are pouring in demanding the state Legislature take action — there is dogged determination to see the Missouri Senate stand up to defend Missourians’ Second Amendment Rights.

Just as Wednesday’s legislative session was ending, Sen. Kurt Schaefer from Boone County asked for a point of personal privilege — an action any senator may take to temporarily pause the business coming before the body and direct attention to a matter important to that particular senator. Senator Schaefer then, very eloquently and passionately, declared his opposition to the latest executive order scheme to commandeer the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

Senator Schaefer called upon the entire Senate to consider the oath taken just last week and stand up for the rights of Missourians and against Washington, D.C.’s attack on law-abiding gun ownership. He predicted the eventual loss of additional freedoms guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution if we fail to act now. Silence fell over the normally noisy Senate floor, confirming the timing and impact of his words; they expressed a clear and imminent threat, precisely and prophetically. Upon adjournment, two minority-party senators converged on Sen. Schaefer to express their disapproval of the senator’s remarks and disagreement with his position. I wonder if they referenced our oath of office in their rebuke; I doubt it.

Legislation was already introduced in both the Missouri House and Missouri Senate to draw a line in the sand against this latest attack on both the Second and the 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Missouri also enjoys the benefit of dozens of county sheriffs who are serious about their oath to support the U.S. and Missouri constitutions. These sheriffs understand both their duty and authority, and some have publicly confronted this week’s executive orders, stating they are unconstitutional and unenforceable actions. I hope you will find out where your sheriffs stand, and encourage them to stand their ground and stay in touch with other sheriffs.

Only two matters separate freedom from tyranny — our U.S. Constitution and our willingness and ability to defend it. There is a difference between a free people and serfdom; it is an armed citizenry. The President’s administration has shown contempt for the U.S. Constitution and deliberately violated it repeatedly. I am baffled and frustrated that elected members of Congress have neglected what I consider their duty to compose and file articles of impeachment.

Missouri legislators continue to discuss the course of action that will most effectively secure to our citizens the rights guaranteed us by the U.S. and state constitutions, principally the right to keep and bear arms. Thank you for your alertness to any domestic threat to liberty, and I encourage you to contact my office with your concerns.


Anonymous said...

But I repeat myself.

"This is what term limits has given us. Let's call it The Political Peter Principal. Emery is the perfect example.

Many times in politics promotions are not based on achievement, success, and merit, but in voters constantly promoting people to elective office beyond their level of ability.

Emery has been promoted to a position at which he is not competent and there he will remain for eight years."

Danny said...

Here's what I told Emery on his Facebook page

Ed, you may need to pull out a copy of the Constitution and do some review. You can't impeach a President just because he supports some policies you don't like. There has to be an actual crime. As you know, significant changes to our gun laws will require Congressional action. The President has suggested some new laws, but that's not a crime. He also signed some executive orders, but that's not a crime, either. I notice that you didn't mention any specific executive orders. I've looked over the list and they seem like minor changes that are totally appropriate for the Executive Branch. He's sending memos, making (long overdue) appointments and giving directions to departments that are under his authority.

If you want to be taken seriously on this impeachment business, I suggest you bring up some specific actions that you think have violated the law. As it is, you're embarrassing your constituents with your silly demands.

Mark said...

You're an embarrassment to the state of Missouri.

Anonymous said...

You two are in fantasy land. Try reading the facts presented in "The Great Destroyer"-Obama, the human wrecking ball. He has done so many things under the impeachable category, it is not laughable. Bury your head in the sand while our Constitution goes down the drain. Obama is out to belittle, downgrade, bankrupt, corrupt and divide the U.S. and so far he's done quite a good job. He has given stimulus money to foreign countries so they can pursue oil drilling, among other things, so other countries can advance and we can continue to feed them our money. Obama does not care about you, your children, your family, our economy, creating sustainable American jobs. He lives in a fantasy land of Obama, Obama-"Who is the fairest in the land? Oh--- it's me, of course". Read the book, get some knowledge, the facts are all documented, if you choose to try to deny them.