Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A speech to remember

Since today is David Guilford's birthday, I thought it would be a great time to replay this speech, which he gave on the occasion of his retirement at South Middle School. It has a great message for people as we go through what we are going through in the Joplin School District. Happy birthday, Dave!


Melissa Baun said...

Thank you Randy for that great reminder. I still remember that speech and reception. Greater words could not be spoken at a time when the district has about a 95% dissatisfaction rate. If the teacher are not happy, it affects the students in a negative way.

Anonymous said...

Dave may not be the typical person you would see running for office but isn't that one really good reason to vote for him? He is one of the people and understands what the "little guy" goes through. I worked with this man for several years and he was never too proud to do any job and never asked his people to do anything he would not do. Vote for Dave!