Monday, September 30, 2013

Republican speaks out about bullying tactics of Club for Growth

In his latest legislative report, Rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City, one of 15 Republicans who backed Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of HB 253, and has been targeted for that vote, says it is time to stand up against the bullying tactics of the Club for Growth.

There’s been much publicity concerning the 15 Republicans that challenged the party and voted “no” on HB 253, a so-called tax-cut bill.  I was one of those that voted “no” and I’ve already gone into detail about why in past reports, so I won’t repeat that information.
 We’ve been labeled as “The Flimsy 15” by the far right and “The Famous 15” and “The Fantastic 15” by more moderate groups.  I’ll refer to us as “The 15” for the purpose of this report. 
HB 253 had some serious language flaws that caused concern in many areas other than tax deductions.  “The 15” were more concerned about their constituents than their party!  On Sept. 20th, several members of “The 15” met in Ozark to discuss the best way to move forward in developing a quality tax cut bill without the language flaws; a bill that benefits as many Missourians as possible without the unintended consequences.
 We came up with several, common-sense ideas and will present them to the original bill sponsor of HB 253 for his consideration.  Our goal is be a voice of reason, aside from party loyalty and do what’s best for our constituents and the people of Missouri.  Ultimately our districts and our state will benefit greatly from the stand taken by “The 15” as we participate in developing a tax cut bill that can garner bi-partisan support.
 Now all we need is for Missouri Club for Growth to realize the veto session is over and to stop spewing their damaging chatter. Bullying tactics didn’t work then and won’t work now! 

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