Friday, September 20, 2013

Ed Martin on Obama visit to KC: All we get from the president is speeches

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin issued the following statement on the President’s visit to Claycomo, Missouri:
 “The President is attempting to pivot the discussion away from his blunders in foreign policy to try and refocus on domestic issues,” said Chairman Martin.
 “The President makes his second visit to Missouri in the last three months highlighting initiatives growing the economy from the ground up, championed by Republican legislators.”
 “Republicans in Missouri led by example, in 2010 the Republican majority passed an economic development bill that saved nearly 4000 jobs at the FORD assembly plant in Claycomo.”
 “It’s no wonder the President has to come to Missouri to show the success and growth of the auto industry, Detroit is bankrupt.”
 “The President is very good at making speeches and pointing fingers at everyone but himself, he based in entire first term on it. The fact is speeches don’t create jobs. Unfortunately that all we ever get from the President.”
 In July, President Obama gave a speech on the campus of Central Missouri University highlighting the need for innovative solutions in education, touting Republican legislation sponsored by State Senator Will Kraus, R – Jackson County.

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