Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parents, students taught about laptops as KC schools go 1 to 1

In the Kansas City Public School District, just like in Joplin, the laptops have arrived, the teachers were never given any input into the process and education will miraculously improve. This isn't Kansas City, it's Fool's Paradise.

Technology is wonderful, make no doubt about it. Technology as the be-all and end-all of education is a tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.


Digital education means an end to rogue teachers said...

Can't stop change which cuts into the ranks of you rogue teachers.

The reason that these laptops are being given out as "digital education" is because the school districts can't pay for swarms of you public employees any more. So they are going with a standard digital curriculum in which certain porn sites and political sites like yours are blocked.

Your whining about the technology worker who used his position to take pictures of underage students in their bedrooms can be negated by simply having a software lock or hardware device as simple as a strip of masking tape to prevent these laptops from taking pictures of students in their bedrooms.

In fact the ranks of the administration should be cut as well and students given vouchers as soon it won't be a matter of bussing. Students can "call in" via their laptops and only attend public schools two days a week with this digital education.

Anonymous said...

See this camera? That's where the tape goes before you take off your clothes. Remember, the school might have a creep on the payroll watching what you do. Just like at Joplin.

Anonymous said...

Rogue teachers? You are so far off the mark that it amazes me. To be that dumb, you must work at JSAB.

The truth is coming out now, which really puts people on the defensive.

If students are only going to be here two days a week, why continue spending money on that building? Shoot. We could just stagger their days and stay as we are. Bussing? How is that an issue in Joplin? What an amazingly short sighted comment.

Anonymous said...

This must be the work of the evil Dr. Huff and his cronies, right randy? Or perhaps when a school is transitioning to laptops there is not an unlimited time period to train the teachers for months on end. You would think they could get the basics and continue the learning process until the day they stop teaching. Someone that taught a certain way 15 years ago and is unwilling or unable to adapt their teaching methods may be in the wrong occupation.

Anonymous said...

You know so much and can make that call? Please, come show us how. Your brilliance and in-depth knowledge of how everything should go will be greatly appreciated.