Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wi-Fi installed on one Joplin R-8 bus, five more to come

Director of Technology Klista Rader told the Joplin R-8 Board of Education moments ago that wi-fi has been installed on one bus and will be placed on five new buses which have not yet arrived.

The system has been installed, she said, but now she and her team are going over it to make sure that students will not be able to access bad sites.

"We want to make sure our students are safe," Mrs. Rader said.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief. Yes, they were so wonderfully and overwhelmingly concerned about student safety when the pedophile was arrested. Idiots. We're not all as stupid as you believe us to be. It's way too little and way too late. And as I recall, the money for the buses was originally to get four buses set up, not six. Where is the extra funding coming from this time? Title One or designated donations?

Anonymous said...

Well, if a tech administrator says Joplin is worried about the safety of the students with their technology, then we should all be satisfied that they mean it. Shoot, who cares what they can get into away from school...so long as the vast minority of them are safe on those buses, that's good enough for me. That they use those stupid things to make drug deals and porn is just too bad--as admin puts it, they'd do that on their phones anyway. What's a district to do? Oh yeah. Wifi on the buses. That'll cure the problem.