Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hundreds of students bypass IPad security measures in Los Angeles and Indiana

I haven't heard anything about the IPads that have been given to eighth graders in the Joplin School District, but the billion dollar investment the Los Angeles School District made in IPads was not enough to keep 300 high school students from breaking through the security and going to "bad" sites:

Students began to receive the tablets a week ago, with devices still being handed out to some classes at the end of the week.
But even by then, students figured out how to bypass security meant to prevent them from reaching such sites as YouTube and Facebook.
"They had to shut down all the iPads yesterday," said ninth-grader Alan Munoz.

It's not just Los Angeles that is having problems with IPads. Center Grove, Indiana, gave its high schoolers IPads and reportedly hundreds bypassed security almost immediately:
Between 300 and 400 students found ways to reprogram the iPads so they could download games and apps for social media sites, according to the report, which quoted Center Grove officials as attributing the problem to their security program not being able to handle the number of devices - more than 2,000 - that were distributed. 

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