Thursday, June 26, 2014

McCaskill asks constituents for info on cable, satellite scams

In her latest newsletter, Sen. Claire McCaskill asks constituents to share their problems with cable and satellite providers.

Have you ever found yourself disputing a bill with your cable, satellite, or other pay-TV provider - or confronted with deceptive billing or excessive fees? If you have, you're not alone.

In fact, above all other companies in all other industries across the country, cable companies rank theworst in a survey of customer satisfaction. And the billing practices of cable, satellite, and other pay-TV services rank among the fastest-growing consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission.

Consumers need protection from confusing or deceptive billing practices and greater transparency in what they're paying for. That's why I'm asking folks like you to share your personal stories and tips about dealing firsthand with your cable, satellite, or other pay-TV provider.

If you've experienced deceptive or confusing billing practices by a cable, satellite, or other pay-TV company visit my website, and use the "Submit Your Scam" web tool to tell me your story.

As Chairman of the Senate's Consumer Protection Subcommittee, I'll use your stories to lay the groundwork for a new federal law aimed at bringing transparency and fairness to the way these companies bill their customers.

Already, consumers have shared many of the same complaints about cable, satellite, or other pay-TV companies billing practices, including:
  • Confusing updates to channel line-ups, broadband Internet speeds, or pricing that are not clearly explained to consumers
  • Overbilling or ongoing charges that consumers should not be paying
  • Excessive (or erroneous) equipment rental fees
  • Early termination and/or change of service fees
If any of those examples sound familiar I want to hear from you. It's time you and other consumers get the tools (or protection) you need in dealing with these practices, and I'm ready to fight to hold these companies accountable.

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