Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Americans for Prosperity launches new Right to Work ad

(From Americans for Prosperity Missouri)

Today Americans for Prosperity Missouri launched a new TV advertisement supporting the legislature's efforts to put Missouri on a path to prosperity and support worker freedom through Right to Work legislation. The six figure ad buy will air across the state with the tagline, "Right to Work is right for Missouri."

“This is about worker freedom and doing the right thing for Missouri," said AFP Missouri State Director Patrick Werner. "A clear majority of legislators in both chambers came together and passed legislation that would give Missourians more freedom and more choice in their career path. Right to Work helps put our state on a long-term path towards economic growth that will create more jobs and opportunities for our families and friends right here in Missouri. It's time to put politics aside and do the right thing for Missouri."

Americans for Prosperity Missouri said its statewide network of grassroots activists have supported Right to Work as the issue moved through the state legislature, and that it would continue to engage policymakers throughout the Summer. This latest TV launch is just one part of ongoing efforts to promote worker freedom, generate more opportunity through job growth, and ensure Missouri is an attractive market for new business investment.


Anonymous said...

They tried this union busting bs back in the early 70s.

Workers were against "the right to work for less and less" back then. Hopefully they see it for what it is now.

Henry Ford realized that without an economically strong middle class, he would not sell many cars.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 6:57. This is just another way to keep the likes of Sinquefeld wealthy and the workers in their place. This mentality damaged the economies and cost jobs in other states. Missouri is poor enough already. Workers need what protections they can get. Joplin Schools and its suppressed wages in the "worker bee" class are a great example of what happens when there is no protection for employees.

Anonymous said...

Let them pay dues! :)

Anonymous said...

I think when the Union's were first established,they had the workers & the families in mind. Now, it's nothing but more & more dues,so the Union bosses get a fatter payouts! In my opinion,the Union's no longer have the laborer in mind or the families. In all fairness,I've never worked for a Union but have several close friends who did & they expressed a lot of the same issues I've addressed.

Anonymous said...

@11:03 Sorry to hear your friends had an unfavorable experience with their union. Our experience has been very positive. My husband is in a union and over the years, thanks to the higher wage and benefits, we've been able to become homeowners and start a family. I think unions are just as important now as ever because they help middle-class families fight for what's fair in corporate America.

I am a robot. said...

Some think.of Americans For Prosperity.

The rest of us prefer Prosperity For Americans.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it's worked very well for you and your family! I'm sure your husband is a hard worker & proud family man. Again, I've never been part of a Union,so my opinion was solely based on a few men I played cards with on weekends. Thanks for the honest comments & not going on the attack ma'am! Good luck & give hubby a pat on the back from me!

Anonymous said...

Will do and thanks for the well wishes, take care!