Friday, June 26, 2015

Neosho man pleads not guilty to child porn charge, remains free on bond

Larry Don Hilburn, 28, Neosho, entered a not guilty plea to a child pornography charge during a hearing in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Hilburn was allowed to remain free on bond, despite the prosecution's request that he be detained while awaiting trial. In the motion for detention, Assistant U. S. Attorney Patrick Carney cites Hilburn's collection of child pornography, having illegal drugs around while caring for a three-year-old, and a 2011 incident in which Neosho Police found Hilburn and an underage girl in a car apparently engaging in a sex act:

While HILBURN was downloading, distributing and possessing child pornography, he was also possessing illegal narcotics as he cared for his three year old son. 

Furthermore, while HILBURN was not arrested or convicted, the Neosho Police Department reported a 2011 incident involving him and a 16 year old minor. At the time of the report, HILBURN was approximately 25 years old when law enforcement discovered him involved in amorous activities with a 16 year old minor. 

According to the incident report, at 10:22 p.m. on January 28, 2011, officers observed a vehicle parked in a local park with two occupants. As officers approached, they observed the female leap into the back seat of the vehicle. Officers noted that the female did not appear to be wearing pants. 

After giving the occupants a few moments, officers ordered HILBURN and the female from the vehicle. Officers learned that HILBURN and this minor were, in the least, engaging in amorous contact when interrupted by law enforcement.  

Ultimately, while HILBURN does not appear to have a significant criminal history, between September 8 and 9, 2014, he was observed sharing and downloading nearly thirty files of child pornography. 

When law enforcement arrived at HILBURN’S residence, they not only discovered numerous images and videos of child pornography on his computer, but that he was committing additional narcotics related crimes, all while he was responsible for the care of a three year old child. 

Finally, even though some may dismiss the facts associated with his 2011 incident with a 16 year old girl, when coupled with his recent criminal conduct involving receipt, distribution and possession of child pornography, a disturbing pattern can be readily observed regarding HILBURN’S sexual obsession toward underage children. As such, detention of this defendant is the only measure that can fully ensure that no other children are put at risk.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, I'm not in possession of all the facts the Judge had,from both parties. Just going by what I've read, in my opinion,this person is a sexual predator & doesn't deserve to be free on bond! I know, he is innocent until proven guilty. Again,going from what I've read above, he is a threat to the community. To exploit a child, especially in a sexual matter, is the pure definition of EVIL! Being a parent & Law Enforcement,for over a decade,I've witnessed first hand the damage inflicted on our children from such evil! I have yet to know of a single adult that's committed such a crime to ever be rehabilitated. Again, I'm only going from what I've read above.I will state again, I understand this person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. May God be with each and every victim,along with their families.

Anonymous said...

3:57 PM: "Innocent until proven guilty" means just that, the state is only allowed to hold people prior to conviction if there is a sufficient risk they'll not attend the trial. Locking them up makes it much less likely they'll get a fair trial, it's much harder to work with a lawyer.

And, yes, it seems that the recidivism rate is close to 100%; our "modern" society just does not have a good answer for this problem.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your last paragraph. And yes, I'm very aware of why someone would be held without bail or remanded. There are other reasons as well that I'm sure your aware. Safety of the defendant & the risk to the community etc. PLEASE, I'm NOT trying to argue or take away from the real problem! I truly believe some people are just evil & no matter what Dr they see or RX they take you can't change evil or "fix" such evil.