Monday, June 15, 2015

MSSU coach's mother: Bruner is an evil coward

Judge Gayle Crane sentenced to Jeffrey Bruner to life in prison without possibility of parole today for the November 1, 2013, murder of Missouri Southern State University offensive line coach Derek Moore.

A motion for a new trial was overruled as Bruner's attorney claimed his client had suffered from excessive pre-trial publicity and that the jury foreman was mouthing words to the victim's family during the trial and had already made up her mind about Bruner.

The sentencing hearing also included testimony from those seeking a lighter sentence for Bruner and for members of Moore's family.

From KOAM's coverage:

Bruner sat emotionless and looked down at the table as Moore's mother read her statement and said that her son was "not a coward like the defendant."

Moore's mother called Bruner an "evil coward" and said, "The devil took over the defendant's soul."

She also said Bruner did not believe in divorce.

"There are much worse things in life than divorce - like murder," she said.

Moore's mother also said, "Derek is in a better place and always will be," and "I forgave the man that murdered my son."

She also said, "The defendant's choice was murder, but my choice was forgiveness."



Anonymous said...

Well, it didn't help that her son Derek was a belligerent, self-entitled jock who felt he could intimidate someone physically weaker than him. Or that Bruner apparently felt he could "change" his wife, who enjoyed having affairs with other men, into a loyal and loving person. All three parties involved are to blame here, period.

Anonymous said...

I still say Derek Moore, when confronted at the movie theater, instead of acting like a macho man, could have raised his hands in the air while saying "Dude, I am so sorry. Let me step aside while the two of you discuss this."

Dusty Roads said...

Self defense, he knew that huge meat head would rip him a new one.

Anonymous said...

Aw well he went about it all wrong. You put one bullet in the gun, shoot the wife in the head, hand the gun to the coach and start screaming for the police.

Anonymous said...

Get real people. While you crack jokes, people suffer. In this case, children. Nobody knows the entire story here. And unless you are a victim of something like this, you would not realize how deep it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Get real people. This incident is damaging to children. Nobody knows the real story about what Dawn was telling either one of them. And unless you have been a victim of murder in one way or another, you would not realize how deep the pain runs. And if you knew Derek, you wouldn't make the comments that you have because they are bogus.

FallenGrace said...

6:55am, I'd love to buy you a beer and shake your hand. No one is going to say what Bruner did was right, but my God, what do you expect when you're giving your man pipe to a married woman? Well said 6:55.