Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nodler received nearly $10,000 from those pushing for Commission decision

Just who, if anyone, did the Jasper County Commission consult before it made its decision to appoint former Sen. Gary Nodler, Sallie Beard and Ron Gatz to the Joplin R-8 Board of Education?

A clue might be found in the 65 signatures on petitions asking the Commission to choose board members to replace Lane Roberts, Randy Steele, and Mike Landis.

Despite the fact that few people contribute to political campaigns, eight of the 65 people contributed a total of $5,550 to Nodler's unsuccessful 2010 campaign for Seventh District Congress. Nodler lost to Billy Long in the Republican primary.

Federal Election Commission documents indicate that Nodler received the following contributions:

Sara Newman $500
Hish Majzoub $800
Robert Willcoxon $500
Suzanne Duncan $1,000
Gary Duncan $1,500
James Hicklin $500
Andrea Pence $500
Henry Robertson $250

Nodler also received an additional $4,375 in contributions from nine people who signed the petition and from the husband of another one:

Barbara Majzoub $200
Dr. Hish Majzoub $850
Gary Duncan $750
Robert Willcoxon $125
Suzanne Duncan $600
James Hicklin $425
Henry Robertson $125
Michael Pence $100
Sara Newman $600
J. Christopher Banwart (husband of petition signer and R-8 board member Lynda Banwart) $600

During Nodler's run for State Senate in 2005 and 2006, Missouri still had campaign contribution limits. The following donors gave maximum $600 contributions to Nodler:

Hish Majzoub
Suzanne Duncan
Sara Newman
J. Christopher Banwart

It is certainly easy to see where the commissioners could have come up with the idea of putting Gary Nodler on the Board of Education.


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"Civic minded" folk? Keep digging, Randy, you are on the right trail. Banwart - conflict? Banwart- Nodler--no conflict? good grief, people, open your eyes...let the elected Board do their job...where is their bias?

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, unless we each conform, unless we follow orders, unless we follow our leaders blindly, there is no way we can possibly remain free.
Frank Burns

Thank you CART, JPC, etc...

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That was in the past...... WTF... If I could live in my past I would be very rich......... I can't and why are you trying on this......

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Yes it is payback time for Mr. Nodler.

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Yes---keep digging Randy. Andrea Pence is Mike Pence's wife and they are CJ's neighbors and friends with CJ Puff and Mike Landass.

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Well the Commish should have appointed Asshat who says he is no longer Drunkengame to the board and we would all be saved!

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“Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true.”

Fool me once shame on shame on you Fool me You cant get fooled again said...

it's the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend

it's the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend

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Let's see if we can explain this to you in simple words. The donations in the past indicate a relationship that could be a conflict of interest between those assigned to the Board of Education and those who did the assigning.

Does that help? It's called lack of ethics. Collusion.

Anonymous said...

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, and apparently, this has been quite an ongoing sleepover. Thank you for providing additional insight, Mr. Turner, into the corrupt dealings of our local elected officials and their accomplices in the business community. They will only get away with their actions as long as we sit quietly by and allow it.

It's hard to imagine that Lynda Banwart would commit such egregious sins for personal wealth and social status, but I guess we are all just sinners, after all. She can't pretend to be anything else, now. Welcome to the lower class of humans, Lynda! May I suggest a book study for your little social clique? How about Dante's Inferno? You can pick out your circle. Corrupt officials are at the bottom, by the way, in case you're too busy to read the whole thing. But don't worry about being lonely there. I'm sure all of your accomplices will be right beside you.