Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Joplin City Council to learn findings of state audit in closed session

The Joplin City Council will learn the results of the state audit during a 4 p.m. Thursday closed session with the auditing team at City Hall.

City officials will have the opportunity to respond to those findings and the responses will be included in the final audit.

The complete audit report will be issued during a public meeting in the near future.

The results of the audit have always been highly anticipated, and became even more so after subpoenas were issued to members of the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team (CART), the group which brought Wallace-Bajjali to Joplin.


Anonymous said...

This will be VERY interesting!

Anonymous said...

The CART people are the same ones who have been hijacking the school system (same people as Joplin Progress Committee and Bright Futures boards). If Lynda Banwart has her way, CART will still control the Board and then the superintendent's seat. Don't you wonder what they have to hide that requires this kind of action? It's past time for a grand jury. We need to know how the school system and CART and JPC and Bright Futures are all connected in this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Idiots the lot of you. If you actually knew anything it would be a real drama.

Anonymous said...


Hateful and bitter much? To assume people don't know much is quite galling. I know quite a bit of what will be found on that audit. There will be enough drama to go around. And, if you need evidence, just go look at the missions of CART, JPC, and Bright Futures. They share the same people and are quite clear about their mission for the schools, which was CJ Huff's vision. He is gone. Let's move on.

Have a nice day!