Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Ashcroft calls for passage of Voter ID legislation

(From Secretary of State candidate Jay Ashcroft)

Secretary of State candidate Jay Ashcroft, R-St. Louis, today, called on the Missouri State Senate to pass a voter ID measure that was approved by the Missouri House of Representatives early in this year’s legislative session.

“Last year, I filed a constitutional amendment to allow the State of Missouri to implement a common sense voter ID law,” Ashcroft said. “In my travels across the state advocating for the measure, people continue to ask me why the legislature hasn’t, yet, passed this important bill. Today, I’m calling on the leaders to bring the measure to the floor for debate and do what is necessary to finally bring voter ID to a vote.”

Ashcroft has been traveling the state visiting local elected officials, Republican clubs, conservative groups, and civic organizations discussing his support for a photo voter ID law in Missouri.

“I commend Reps. Justin Alferman and Tony Dugger for their efforts to move this important issue forward,” Ashcroft continued. “I also applaud Missouri Senate leaders for their determination in moving meaningful, conservative policy proposals forward throughout the session. Now it’s time to pass voter ID and give Missouri voters an important voice on this common sense legislation.”


Rick Wiseman said...

Does this measure reaquire ALL Missourians to show proof of citizenship, or only citizens? Will this take effect prior to this year's Presidential election?

Anonymous said...

This is a standard tactic by republicans to try to limit the voting pool to those they consider to be friendlier to their policies. We don't have a problem with voter fraud. I see this as an example of how little faith they have in their ability to be elected by a population that doesn't look like them.

Anonymous said...

These idiots get on a kick and won't stop until they have been run over. No one believes their lies of voter fraud. The uneducated that used to buy their fear and hate rhetoric are becoming educated and making decisions based on actual facts. The good ol' boy network is dying and taking their insane brand with it. Hopefully one of these days the republican party will once again be what it was originally intended to be.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a political party founded by a guy who ate other people.