Monday, March 07, 2016

Kim Frencken column: You Might Be a Middle School Teacher If ...

Have you noticed that each 'category' of teachers boasts their own character traits. Primary teachers are usually soft spoken, patient, and say everything with a smile.  High School teachers are usually laid back and can actually carry on adult conversations throughout the work day (in most cases). But, what about those in the middle. The Middle School Teacher. Are they lost in the middle like a middle child? Hardly! You can usually tell a middle school teacher by some defining traits. Remember I was a middle school teacher for 20 years, so this is just a light-hearted look at what makes us tick.

1. We have a highly developed sarcastic sense of humor. Middle Schoolers are still developing. Our humor often flies over their head (even though they are themselves sarcastic), but when they 'get it'....... watch out. Lots of laughter will follow.

2. We know how to pick our battles. Middle Schoolers love to argue. About Everything! Sometimes, shaking our head we just walk away.

3. We say we're not going to repeat, only to repeat that we are not going to repeat because Middle Schoolers haven't fine tuned their sense of hearing yet.

4. We are tireless, able to leap tall desks, run up flights of stairs, eat lunch in 15 minutes, and still attend after school meetings and functions looking only slightly harried.

5. We're a little quirky which is why we love those quirky, awkward, wanna-be adults. We love spending time with them. We love teaching them.

And, that is why we teach middle school!
Are you a middle school teacher?

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Anonymous said...

Middle School teachers are Saints. It takes a special person to love and relate to that age group. We do not tell you enough just how much you are appreciated. So, THANK YOU MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS!!!!!!