Friday, March 04, 2016

Police investigate threatened school shooting at Joplin High School

Joplin Police investigated a "terroristic threat" at Joplin High School Thursday, according to a department incident report posted this morning.

"Society VICTIM of Making Terroristic Threat (C), at 2104 S Indiana Ave, Joplin, MO, between 15:40, 03/02/2016 and 11:16, 03/03/2016. Reported: 03/03/2016"

The Turner Report has confirmed that a freshman boy told numerous students he was planning a school shooting. A number of the students reported the threats, the police were called in and took the student in for questioning.

JHS Principal Kerry Sachetta informed parents of the incident in a message that was sent out later in the day:

This is a message from Dr. Kerry Sachetta. I wanted to inform you regarding an incident that occurred today at Joplin High School.

Several students alerted administrators about a fellow student who had made alleged threatening statements toward other students.

Administrators alerted police immediately and the situation was handled appropriately. We are cooperating fully with local authorities and we followed district policies and procedures regarding the incident. We are extremely proud of our students who came forward to share their concerns, so we could follow up in a timely manner.

Please understand that student safety is our priority.


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Hmmmmm they supposedly sent out a message? I nor any other parents that i know whose kids go to the high school did not recieved a call. Multiple parents on news pages said they didnt recieve any information either. So who did the school supposedly notify?

valerie said...

I have been watching and hearing a lot of bad things about the new JHS , in my opinion the school should be investigated !! first they find that a young girl that had a lot of drugs on her and selling them at the school then a young girl is raped under the stairs and now this hit list , not to mention a video I watched taken by one of my grandson's friends of a fight going on in the hall it was not a short video and I saw no police no teachers in the video trying to break it up and the young boy was getting beaten up pretty bad, is it ever going to stop!!! ... my grandson has told me a about a lot of stuff that goes on there .. where are the adults when all this is taking place .. I went to talk to the school police with my daughter about my grandson being harassed every day by a young boy that had drugs on him and my daughter turned him in .. while we where in the office talking to the officer there was head banging or heavy metal music playing over the school speakers all through the halls that I could barely hear him talking very inappropriate for a school .. this is unacceptable in my books extremely worried about our children going to the only high school in Joplin ....and by the way it did not do any good going to the school police to complain it only made things worse for my grandson a few day's later the young boy was back in school and still harassing my grandson .. our children should be protected while attending school ......... oh and lets not forget about the pepper spray incident when a young boy sprayed the classroom I am sure there is more that I do not know about are they going to get there education with all the violence ??? .in my opinion our children are not safe at JHS

Anonymous said...

6:38, What about the parents? How can you lay all this on the school? Teachers cannot fix kids that are already broken. And lets not forget, the predominant political in the area is all for cutting teachers pay and benefits. The fiasco with the Huff administration has resulted in several hundred experienced teachers leaving Joplin and bringing in many new teachers. When our society/community starts respecting teachers, maybe the kids will.

Tiffany Wininger said...

They sent it in an email.