Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Deborah Gould: Why I am running for Joplin School Board

(The following message was posted earlier today on Joplin R-8 Board of Education candidate Deborah Gould's campaign Facebook page.)

As a parent, my husband and I have learned to set high expectations for our children, whether in their schoolwork, chores or how they behave.

I am running for the board to continue the fight to maintain high standards while responsibly managing resources. The district must utilize existing resources with efficiency and effectiveness in order to keep academic standards high without unduly burdening taxpayers.

Being a long time member of the community and working for a Fortune 500 company for the last 24 years, I believe I can accomplish these goals. Like most managers in corporate America, my job is to maintain the highest quality standards within a budget. Joplin Schools can do the same. We must constantly evaluate operational costs, curriculum, and community needs to keep Joplin Schools competitive. 

I support improving academic achievement as a way of “helping” struggling students reach their full potential. 

I believe what comes out at the end of schooling is what goes on in the classroom every day. And no person is more influential in the day-to-day lives of students than the teacher in the classroom. We need to continue to develop communication with our teachers so they can continue to be the experts in their field. I want to continue to facilitate trust and transparency with all district staff.

I respectfully ask that you vote for me so that we can maintain high standards academically and fiscally. 

Thank you for your consideration.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, a no nonsense woman, and a family, of character and integrity. Best wishes Deborah! Just what the District needs.

Anonymous said...

This is all drivel without one word of how she expects to accomplish anything. Don't know if Mrs. Gould is a product of the Joplin public schools system, but starting your sales pitch for votes with bad grammar is not encouraging. Should read, "As parents, my husband and I...".

Deborah Gould said...

Thank you Anonymous! I have fixed the grammar error. I'm not a product of the Joplin public schools but my children are. I'm pretty proud of that fact. You may call it drivel, I call it my passion. I can tell you how I think it should be done but going in to something like this "narrow minded" wouldn't be productive. I appreciate the honest opinion and I'll try not to be so vague in the future. Can't guarantee my grammar will get any better.