Monday, January 16, 2017

Parkville Republican offers to loan guns to visitors to State Capitol

(The following is a portion of this week's report from Rep. Stacey Newman, D-St. Louis)

My colleague, GOP Rep. Nick Marshall, Parkville -District 13, posted this on Facebook Wednesday as well as on his Capitol office door. Apparently he is upset with the new security metal detectors Gov. Greitens has installed in the Capitol.

"Marshall, a Parkville Republican, believes the security protocols are an infringement on freedom, declaring on Facebook that “this is not how citizens should be greeted when entering the people’s house, their Missouri State Capitol.” Read more of the Kansas City Star article HERE. 

I immediately reached out to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker who listed numerous problems with Rep. Marshall's offer: no apparent background checks, no asking if anyone is a felon, has an outstanding order of protection and the potential criminal or civil liability he would be undertaking if someone with his gun committed a crime.

Both the Kansas City Star and my office reached out to the office of the Director of Public Safety but were unable to reach anyone.

Many of us were disheartened to learn that our colleague keeps enough guns in his office to loan to others. Per statute, legislators and staff can legally carry concealed firearms in the Capitol and many do, particularly in committee hearings and on the House & Senate floors.

I am alarmed that my personal safety and well as others in a public state building is not of concern by Rep. Marshall.

Never a dull moment.


Anonymous said...

These paranoid Republicans are a threat to civilization. Nationally, you have Trump with his tiny hands and "no problem with his sex organ", and his inability to take criticism without tweeting a response, and his bromance with Vladimir Putin. Then you have the fearful state legislature demanding that any fool lacking gun safety or training can carry a concealed weapon in the state Capitol because they are scared for their life. I'm not sure what brings on their irrational fear, most live in a secure environment, so I'm left to conclude that they just hope we kill each other, thus leaving more for them. People didn't vote on constitutional carry or right to work, the legislators just keep flipping the bird to constituents and getting re-elected. What a country!

Anonymous said...

11:39am your just a butt hurt liberal whose crooked candidate didn't win.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:43

What an elegant, educated response by a conservative with a fifth grade education.

Anonymous said...

Well said 3:47. Paranoid rednecks that forget the constitution was written to allow citizens to bear arms. That was muzzle loaders you fricking idiots and not semi-automatics with 15 or 30 shot capabilities. Sanity is lost on these knuckle dragging fools and only time will tell what comes in the future.

Anonymous said...

3:47 Your wrong again. I have a degree from a hateful liberal university. I was also a Democrat until Obama caused us as a people to lose hope because there was no change.

Anonymous said...

5:14 another idiot has spoken you do realize that before muzzleloaders there were no firearms. The future Marches On they went by what they had at the time and they never mentioned the type of gun they said what they said to protect the people from the government. My God are you guys that's stupid.

Mixed Messages? said...

Wait-A-Minute!!! You mean the man who ran for governor with a TV ad showing him blasting away a target won't let his constituents roam the halls of the capitol fully armed?

Anonymous said...

@ 6:18

What "hateful" liberal university did you attend? Please don't tell me it was a state university. If you switched from Obama to Trump because you have hope for change, congratulations because you will get it. Back to the "hateful" days when blacks were second class citizens. Back to the hateful days when domestic abuse was a "family matter" and not prosecuted. Back to the hateful days when we imprisoned Japanese Americans because of a war. We are, under Trump, going back to the hateful days when Mexican Americans were rapists and criminals, although Trump himself admits to sexual assault. Your degree is certainly not in American history.

Anonymous said...

And do we charge the Parkville Republican with murder if he loans a weapon to some idiot who goes on a shooting spree in the Capital and kills a bunch of people? I cannot believe YOU PEOPLE elected this Legislature.