Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ed Emery: Giving public schools a grade will keep parents engaged

In his weekly podcats, Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, addresses right to work and two education bills he has sponsored.

Emery, a strong supporter of the right to work bill that passed the Senate, says it will provide greater opportunities for Missouri workers.

"We'll see results right away."

Emery also touts his bill to give each Missouri school a letter grade. For some reason, he thinks this will "keep parents engaged." If he thinks that is all it takes to keep parents engaged, he knows as little about parents as he does about public schools.

Emery also talks about his education savings account bill. which will allow corporations and individuals to receive tax credits for donating money for "scholarships" that parents can receive to establish educational savings accounts to use to send their children to private schools, religious schools (though Emery does not mention that one in this podcast) and virtual schools. He starts it off by saying parents could use the money to send their children to another public school, though it is highly doubtful that is the outcome Emery and others who support this legislation are seeking.

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Anonymous said...

From what I have seen very few parents are involved or knowledgeable enough to pick the school system best for their student. Only a small percentage take notice of students abilities and the other majority of parents are not concerned or involved enough to care. What our parents and grandparents built in funding school for the 50-80's showed a deep concern to propel our kids into a new technology centered world. Now we have massive discipline problems, drug problems and parent problems that will leave behind a larger percentage of our children going to unfunded schools with less than stellar instructors. It is a mess because parents are not engaged or intelligent enough to decide for themselves what is best. Over paid administrators and business oriented people sit on the boards that do not reflect the general distribution of our citizens. They will benefit most from privatization of our school systems with many students left behind from their lower earning parents unable to afford the expensive charter or private schools no matter how much is given to them to manage.