Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Joplin woman uncovers evidence leading to man's indictment for having sex with 11-year-odl girl

A Joplin woman who grew suspicious of a male acquaintance's dealings with underaged girls opened his iPad and discovered the videos that eventually led to the man's arrest.

A federal grand jury today indicted David Lee Perkins, 33, North Carolina on charges of having sex with a child under 12 years old, sexual exploitation of children, and child pornography activities. He was originally charged December 13 by the U. S. Attorney and remains in federal custody.

The allegations against Perkins are detailed in the probable cause affidavit filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri December 13:

On December 11, 2016, Joplin Police Department officer David Piercy was dispatched to Towneplace Suites motel located at 4026 South Arizona Avenue. Upon arrival, Angela Johnson reported that David Lee Perkins had been molesting 11-year-old Jane Doe. Johnson told Officer Piercy that Perkins was in room 120. As officers attempted to make contact with Perkins in room 120, Johnson showed Piercy a tablet that Johnson stated had a video of Jane Doe being molested. Johnson was asked to remain in the lobby.

While knocking on the door, Perkins told officers he would be a minute because he was using the bathroom. Officers waited and continued to knock. Officer Piercy heard sounds from inside the room, indicating to him that Perkins was moving around in the room. Johnson told officers that Perkins may have knives in the room. Officer Piercy retrieved the master key from motel management and made entry into the room. Officer Piercy was able to locate and detain Perkins.

After Perkins was detained, JPD Corporal Brett Koehler made contact with Johnson. Johnson told Cpl, Koehler that Perkins had been molesting Jane Doe and showed him a video she found on an iPad. Cpl. Koehler was able to view the video, which depicted a white male rubbing his penis on Jane Doe's vagina. While watching the video, Cpl. Koehler asked Johnson who the iPad belonged to and Johnson stated it belonged to Perkins. Cpl. Koehler closed the iPad and seized it as evidence. Cpl. Koehler did not attempt to view or open the iPad again once it was known it belonged to Perkins.

Johnson told Cpl. Koehler that she and Perkins were not dating, but she was attempting to date him. Perkins lives in North Carolina, but he often came to Joplin and visited with her. When Perkins came to Joplin he would stay at hotels or motels, including the Towneplace Suites. While Perkins was out in the parking lot with Jane Doe and another minor, Johnson looked through Perkins' iPad to see what type of pictures he had been sending and receiving. Johnson stated she located three videos of of Perkins sexually abusing Jane Doe.

Perkins was placed under arrest for child molestation and was transported to the Joplin City Jail.

On December 12, 2016, Cyber Crimes Task Force Officer (Charles) Root made contact with Perkins at the Joplin City Jail. TFO Root advised Perkins of his rights under Miranda and Perkins signed a waiver form and agreed to speak with TFO Root. 

Perkins stated that he was arrested the previous night because of videos that had been found by Johnson on his iPad. Perkins admitted to TFO Root that he had been sexually abusing Jane Doe for approximately one year.

Perkins that he had sexualliy abused Jane Doe in various hotels and motels in Joplin. Perkins stated he last sexually abused Jane Doe on December 10, 2016. Perkins stated he used his iPad and iPhone to photograph and create videos of the sexually explicit conduct he engaged in with Jane Doe.

TFO Root requested written consent to search his iPhone and iPad, which Perkins granted.

A preliminary preview on Perkins' Apple iPad conducted by Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force TFO Larry Roller revealed three video files depicting Perkins engaging in sexually explicit conduct with Jane Doe.

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