Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Retired teachers cancel visit to Capitol due to new security measures

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association has canceled its annual Legislative Day at the Missouri Capitol this year because of added security measures that were put into place by Gov. Eric Greitens.

The Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian reports the organization is not pleased with the decision to add metal detectors at three entrances.

In an email to its members, MRTA executive director Jim Kreider wrote, “These new security measures present complications and logistical problems for getting over 1,000 members through security and into the Capitol building in a timely manner.”

Kreider added, “We cannot ask our members to stand outside in line waiting to go through security for any length of time, particularly if the weather is bad.”

He wrote, “To add insult to injury, all materials and meals/equipment must also be screened.”

The newspaper article quotes Sen. Wayne Wallingford, R-Cape Girardeau, (pictured) as saying the new measures were "unfortunate," but necessary.

“I am very sad we have come to this point It is a crazy world out there.”

A crazy world that the Missouri Legislature has helped create with its year-after-year efforts to make sure that anybody and everybody has a gun and take it anywhere.

And it continues this year.

Consider that Rep. Mike Moon is sponsoring legislation to enable businesses to be sued if people are injured because they were not allowed to carry a gun into a business and they are injured as a result of being unable to defend themselves.

Or Rep. Nick Marshall, R-Parkville, who says people can come to his office and get a gun when they visit the Capitol.

With that kind of thinking, not even metal detectors are going to help.


Anonymous said...

When the inmates are put in charge of the asylum...

Anonymous said...

They're scared someone will shoot them all. Hysterical little panty waists.

Ozzy said...

All aboard, hahahahahahaha!

Ai! Ai! Ai!

Unknown said...

Apparently your members have never flown on an airline, or entered a Courthouse?

Anonymous said...

I am opposed to most of Greitens ideas, but I have trouble seeing the folly in screening people for weapons before visiting the seat of our state government.

Anonymous said...

No Harvey, I try pretty hard to avoid arrest.

Anonymous said...

Do the lobbyists and campaign donors have a special entrance to use? Like Pre Check at the airport? Why waste their time by having them wait in long lines and maybe even outside in bad weather? It's not like the VIPs are average citizens or teachers or union members.