Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Empire District Electric officials, directors cash in for $9 million plus

Empire District Electric Company officials cashed in their stocks today and made $9,082,772, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

CEO Bradley Beecher, COO Ron Gatz, and directors C. James Sullivan and Ross C. Hartley received seven-figure payouts, with Hartley receiving the most money at $2,047,208.

The officials sold their shares at $34 apiece, the price agreed upon when Empire was bought out by the Canadian-based Algonquin.

The number of shares sold and the price received are listed below:

Blake Mertens, vice president, $217,192, 6,388 shares
Laurie Delano, chief financial officer,  $594,116, 17,474 shares
Bradley Beecher, chief executive officer, $1,353,948, 39,822 shares
Ronald Gatz, chief operations officer, $1,009,392, 29,688 shares
Brent A. Baker, vice president,  $33,490, 985 shares
Robert W. Sager, controller, $38,556, 1,134 shares
C. James Sullivan, director, $1,040,808, 30,612 shares
Thomas M. Ohlmacher, director, $213,462, 8043 shares
Paul R. Portney, director, $458,014, 13,471 share
D. Randy Laney, director, $914,328, 26,892 shares
B. Thomas Mueller, director, $366,384, 10,776 shares
Ross C. Hartley, director, $2,047,208, 60,212 shares
Kenneth R. Allen, director, $795,872, 23,408 shares

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Canadian owners can bring down our high electric bills...good luck.Electric utilities are monopolies.It's not rocket science. Overpaid staff...using the accepted practice of paying comparable salaries.Randy wish folks in Joplin would realize Empire District used our money to enhance their power in town(spelled contributions).Same game is played at Freeman with their million dollar CEO and her well paid COO.The Globe will never run negative news about Freeman or rarely Empire.. they don't want to lose ad revenue.Meanwhile the public gets Empire's high rates and Freeman providing areas of excellence but many second/third rate.