Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blunt: Democrats' obstruction has kept Trump from putting his team in place

(From Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO)

President Trump was sworn in more than six months ago and he has every right to put his government in place. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats’ unprecedented obstruction of the confirmation process has prevented him from doing so.

Our colleagues across the aisle have only allowed us to confirm 56 of President Trump’s 257 well-qualified nominees. That’s just 22 percent. By the August recess of President Obama’s first term, the Senate had confirmed 313 of 454 nominees – or 69 percent. At the current rate, it will take more than 11 years to fill all of the Senate-confirmed government positions.

Behind these numbers are critical government jobs that are currently vacant – including positions that protect our country.

In fact, my colleagues across the aisle have only allowed us to confirm 7 of the president’s 22 nominations to the Department of Defense. As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I’m told constantly that our country faces more threats – and from more directions – than ever before. We need these nominees in place to help keep Americans safe.

The longer these needless delays go on, the less time we have to focus on Missourians’ top priorities: helping businesses create jobs; making college more affordable; improving our infrastructure; and much more.

It’s time to stop this senseless obstruction so that the Senate and the president can continue the work we were elected to do.


A dull nife is a Blunt Knife and thats a fact Jack said...

Does the name Merrick Garland ring a bell you old hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

I have always considered myself a conservative Republican.....but enough is enough. We have a failed presidency and it is time for Republicans and Democrats to forget party politics and do something now to change the course or we, as Americans first and foremost, will suffer. Those Republicans who continue to support this hypocrosy of a presidency will have much to answer for to the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Concern trolling is so 2016.
This administration is fine. The establishment is on its way out.

Anonymous said...


Vote first, think later!

Asked if "skinny repeal" could become law or is just a way to get to conference, Sen. Roy Blunt says "I haven't thought it through."


Making 'Murrica Great Again one pig in the poke at a time!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Scarmucci is the MAN; he will stop the leaks, and get the Congress in line!!
Needed him as Chief of Staff from the Get-Go!!

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

How's your "scabamucci the MAN" doing now little HH? Someone with actual sense escorted that fool out. Just another bad 40's movie mobster reject sent packing. Poor ignorant republicans crying about obstruction. The same ignorant asses that played obstructionists for the last 8 years. Good to see them getting what they deserve. An utter disgrace as president in the white house, the nation is a laughing stock and now his Russian bosses are mad at der trumpenfuhrer. Mueller is going to pull the fool's tax returns and find the Russian blackmail goodies.