Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Greitens signs nine bills into law

(From Gov. Eric Greitens)

Today, Governor Eric Greitens signed nine bills into law.

SB 503, sponsored by Senator Munzlinger, enhances public safety across the state by giving regional EMS directors the authority to create protocols that allow a local EMT or paramedic to contact a physician for instruction in treating patients with rare conditions.

SB 64, sponsored by Senator Schatz, names a number of highways and bridges in the State of Missouri. Among these designations is the Lyndon Ebker Bridge in Franklin County. Mr. Ebker, who spent over 30 years with MoDOT, lost his life while cleaning a bridge. This designation will help to acknowledge and remember his service to the state.

SB 111, a bill sponsored by Senator Hegeman, contains several provisions related to local governments. Those provisions touch on qualifications to run for office and requirements for public administrators, among others.

SB 112, a bill sponsored by Senator Schatz, also contained several provisions related to local governments.

SB 283, sponsored by Senator Hegeman, gives local counties more autonomy to fill vacant county positions and improves the election process for the Kansas City School Board.

SB 329, sponsored by Senator Kehoe, modifies the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practice Act.

SB 486, also sponsored by Senator Kehoe, conveys 31 acres of the old Missouri State Penitentiary property to the City of Jefferson. The City has plans to develop this land into a convention center. Currently, a portion of the property operates as a museum and visitors can tour the historic site.

HB 115, sponsored by Representative Shull, makes a number of changes to Missouri liquor laws.

HB 292, sponsored by Representative Crawford, updates a number of provisions relating to banking.

On Monday, Governor Greitens signed SB 35, SB 49, and SB 50.

SB 35, sponsored by Senator Cunningham, adds additional pre-purchase notification requirements that state agencies must follow before purchasing more than 60 acres of land.

SB 49, sponsored by Senator Walsh, authorizes St. Louis City and County to ask voters if they would like to increase taxes to support the St. Louis Zoo.

SB 50, also sponsored by Senator Walsh, establishes a registry for advanced health care directives that will help professionals honor a patient’s wishes pertaining to medical care.

The Governor’s actions on bills passed by the legislature can be followed here: https://governor.mo.gov/news/legislative-actions

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