Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jerry Moran: Why I opposed the Republican health care plan

(From Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas)

On Monday evening I announced my opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) – the Senate healthcare bill. 

This and an earlier version of the BCRA missed the mark for Kansans. The BCRA neither adequately repealed or replaced Obamacare. It was drafted behind closed doors and without committee hearings.

After my decision, the Majority Leader set aside the BCRA and announced his plan to have the Senate vote on a bill that repeals the Affordable Care Act, effective in two years. 

If the bill is adopted it would establish an expiration date for Obamacare and set the stage for a full legislative process – expert witnesses, public hearings, amendments and votes by all one hundred senators. 

I would work to craft healthcare policy that provides less government involvement in healthcare decisions, greater personal choice, protection for pre-existing conditions, increased access and lower costs. I recognize that decisions made regarding healthcare have real consequences for Kansans and their families. We need a thoughtful and less political process.


Anonymous said...

Barf another Kansas joke

Anonymous said...

If this guy is really representing his constituents, that's refreshingly new.

Most of these guys have had too much time in this political stuff and need to be GONE.

No more of these people finishing their terms in the senate and then going into a job with PACs that just hang out with all the political leaches.
As for states that decided to use that Obama Careless money and expand their medicare, you need to cut what you did to go along with what is happening (or going to happen) now.

Repeal Obama Careless. Keep protections for pre-existing conditions, especially since many people have insureance through their employers so that changes from job to job. Make sure that patients are able to truly choose their healthcare and treatment as opposed to insurance companies deciding and declining medications, treatments and choices in where they receive care.

Stop the politics, clean up the insurance companies, hospitals and pharmeceutical companies (no bail outs!) and make it truly about health care.