Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kansas governor ends tenure as one of least popular in U. S.

For the past seven years, Sam Brownback and the GOP legislature used Kansas as a laboratory for experiments in cutting taxes and limiting governmental services.

As Brownback prepares to leave his job as governor for a position in the Trump Administration, he has left behind a legacy that is not even receiving plaudits from his fellow Republicans.

In this NPR report, the Brownback years in Kansas are examined:


Anonymous said...

>>>he has left behind a legacy that is not even receiving plaudits from his fellow Republicans.<<<

The same will be said of tRUMP.

Except, the Orange P*$$ygrabber was their guy all the way.

They were behind him all the way Golden Showers and all.

Anonymous said...

How or why Kansans voted for him again and again and supported his ways is beyond belief. Missouri, take note, as we are headed in the same path with a lopsided legislature with a Koch agenda governor. Heed the warning or else suffer the same fate of Kansas and not have anything of substance accomplished except laughter at your stupidity. Interesting article in "In These Times" about two states, Wisconsin and Minnesota doing exactly the opposite of one another and only one seeing a great change in their state. Wisconsin broke all environmental laws and Minnesota only tried to strengthen them and Minn. gained businesses, income, health gains and citizens with a strong feeling that their government is behind them for the good. Bye Brownback and hello screwed America

Anonymous said...

Pastor Sham Brownback is leaving Kansas?

Praise the Lawd!

I hear more than a few Alaskans are hoping Pastor Brownback will take Sarah Palin with him when he goes to wherever he will go to.

Anonymous said...

Sham Brownturd destroyed the Kansas economy and is sent to the hell that is the Trump Whitehouse. Seems fitting in a way. Maybe they will all be in the same room when it flushes.