Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lawyer for man charged with beating girlfriend, posting bond and assaulting her again asks for bond reduction

According to a probable cause affidavit, Bruce Anthony Chambers, 36, Joplin, beat his girlfriend viciously, dragged her across the floor by the hair, was arrested, posted bond and went back for more.

That time, a probable cause affidavit asserts, Chambers went back for more.

Joplin Police received word that the woman was "in immediate danger." When they arrived, Chambers refused to let the woman answer the door and took her phone away from her, throwing it across the room, according to the probable cause statement.

Chambers was charged with three misdemeanor offenses- kidnapping, domestic assault in the fourth degree, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

After the second arrest, the judge set Chambers' bond at $40,000 cash only.

After the second incident, the judge set bond for Chambers at $40,000 cash only.

On August 2, his lawyer, at the moment public defender Christina Ewers, will try to get the amount reduced.

From the bond reduction motion:

Were his request to be granted, Mr. Chambers would reside—with his brother—off of Colonial Dr. in Webb City, MO.

Mr. Chambers has lived in the Jasper County area his entire life.

Before Mr. Chambers was arrested, he was employed with Cupit Construction.

Mr. Chambers is not a flight risk, due to his social and familial ties to the local community. Mr. Chambers has indicated that he has reliable transportation to and from work.

Since the motion is for the bond set for the three misdemeanor charges, it mentions nothing of the felony incidents that led to the increase.

The Joplin Police Department probable cause statement for the earlier offense said Bruce Anthony Chambers, 36, "knowingly caused serious physical injury to (the victim) by using his fists to repeatedly strike (her) in the face resulting in multiple hematomas and the loss of and/or permanent damage to the upper two front teeth."

The second domestic assault count came when Chambers dragged the woman across the floor by her hair.

He was also charged with a third felony, child abuse, since the woman's five-year-old son was at home when the beating occurred, according to court records.


Anonymous said...

seriously, NO bond, he might kill her this time. and I live off Colonial street.

Anonymous said...

No Bond. He should remain locked up. Hopefully he will receive a lengthy sentence. While he is locked up she should buy a gun and learn how to use it. If he ever comes back, don't hesitate, and dont just shoot to maim.