Tuesday, July 11, 2017

State treasurer to Missouri legislature: Don't be like Illinois

(From State Treasurer Eric Schmitt)

Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt today released an open letter to members of Missouri’s legislature with a pointed message: “Don’t be like Illinois.”

In the letter, Schmitt explains that he sees the Illinois budget disaster as “an important opportunity to think constructively about the future of our state” and argues Missouri can avoid becoming like Illinois by embracing fiscal responsibility and protecting taxpayers.

Schimtt urges the legislature to address pension liabilities, protect the state’s AAA credit rating, provide tax relief, and shrink the size of government.

“In the wake of our neighboring state’s budget crisis, Missouri finds itself at a crossroads,” writes Schmitt. “One path forward requires we start making tough decisions now to ensure our state is one full of opportunity for our children and grandchildren. The other path, the one Illinois foolishly followed to their demise, resembles a pattern of kicking the can down the road until our problems are beyond repair. My word of caution is this: Don’t be like Illinois.”

The letter can be read online here: http://on.mo.gov/2t9tUV5


Anonymous said...

Always with the damned tax relief. What this state needs is higher taxes on all segments of society, not tax cut. There is massive need in the state and we need to address that and the best way to start is to increase taxes.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that he never talked about tax credits that big corporations are getting, nor the disaster that our neighbor to the west has experienced. Welcome to Kansas-lite!!

Anonymous said...

To insure our state is full of opportunities for our children and grand children? That is awesome, especially after our governor just cut money to Crowder and MSSU, insured that many in St Louis will be getting a pay cut from $10/hr to $7.70/hr, and has cut the free ACT for HS students. My, it must be nice to live in an area where people ignore the true effects of their policies. I have to give the local Repubs credit though, they have the many poor people here in the 4 states voting against their own interests. I tip my hat to you all. As for me, I will keep my union job, along with my paid vacations, 401k, good pay, health care etc. You all keep voting against abortion laws, gay marriage laws, (psst-you don't HAVE to get an abortion or marry a dude!) and the fact that you think a government organization can confiscate 300 million guns!

Anonymous said...

Gollyee 6:59. You must be a good union carpenter because you hit every nail perfect. The republicans are going to follow Kansas into the abyss no matter what it entails at the end. Look at Pittsburg getting their budget fixed at 2006 levels, what idiot thinks anything will run on a 11 year old budget except minimum wage people. $10 bucks an hour and they will be rich, what do they think they will do with all that money except spend it and then it turns around to some estimates 7 times over in the community providing more jobs and more business for Mickey D's. These people have no realize as we said in the Army.

Anonymous said...

He should have said "Don't be like kansASS and Sham Brownquack with the tax cutting and budget busting!" but he's one of them republican'ts and they don't see the trees for the forest.

Anonymous said...

Irony at its best- The globe just had an article saying we are in a nursing shortage, yet the locals applaud Governor Push Ups for cutting 3 Million from Crowder, which offers HS students a chance to become nurses. F----- brilliant!