Thursday, August 17, 2017

Arraignment set for doctor, former Carl Junction resident, charged with rape, sodomy, incest

A 9 a.m. September 5 arraignment is scheduled in Camden County Circuit Court for an Osage Beach doctor accused of five felony sex crimes.

According to court documents, Dr. George Koch, 47, a former Carl Junction resident, was arrested July 28 on charges of rape, sodomy, incest, statutory rape and statutory sodomy.

The probable cause statement indicates a delivery man interrupted Koch during a sexual attack on his underage victim when he heard screaming coming from inside Koch's residence on April 13.

Court records indicate the sex was done by forcible compulsion.

Koch, an infectious disease specialist, is free after a $100,000 surety bond was posted. As a condition of his bond, he is required to have GPS monitoring.


Anonymous said...

Praying for Tony as this does not sound like him at all. Waiting for more facts to come out. He is a doctor who probably had many options to be with a woman.
He is the father of a military service man, too!
We are destroying a man before he has been proven guilty!

Unknown said...

It says his name is George?

Anonymous said...

George is his legal name. He has always gone by Tony.

Dusty Roads said...

How surprising another pervert doctor that practiced in Joplin gets busted....7 41...what a stupid comment....he had many he only wanted the underage kids

Anonymous said...

Dusty Roads, you are an idiot. First, Tony never practiced in joplin. Second, the daughter making these charges is certifiable, just like her mother and grandmother,; both of whom I know. Tony was my high school student for 3 years, I know him well. you don't know the backstory here -- I do. Shut up if you don't have any basis to comment.

Anonymous said...

You know her mother and grandmother, not her. What a terrible accusation to make about a young girl you've never met. Posts like these are a proof of a lack of education and rape culture in small towns. Just because you think you know somebody you had in class 30 years ago doesn't make victim blaming okay.