Thursday, August 17, 2017

News-Leader: Charlottesville tiki torch carrier lives between Joplin and Springfield

The Springfield News-Leader is reporting that a man pictured in a photo that went viral from the Charlottesville rally is former Springfield resident Ted Von Nukem, formerly known as Ted Landrum.

Von Nukem told the newspaper that he now lives between Springfield and Joplin:

"The rally was not a racist rally. It was a rally to save our history," Von Nukem said, adding that he would also not like to see Union statues removed.

Von Nukem said he's a supporter of President Donald Trump and does not identify with some of the groups which attended the protest, including white supremacist, alt-right, neo-Nazi and pro-Confederate groups.

(Note: Nevertheless, I still tried to look up Von Nukem's current address on the White Pages.)


Anonymous said...

Why even post this? What are you and The FakeNews Leader trying to incite? Violence against this man? Good Ol Fashioned liberal "economic discipline", by attempting to take away his livelihood? All for expressing his 1st Amendment right in a non-violent fashion. My, what ethics in journalism?!

Anonymous said...

The News Leader (and maybe even you Turner) needs to have their butts sued off over this! In my opinion, this is borderline stalking, an absolute civil rights violation and a "dog-whistled" incitement to violence! I think the ACLU might even be interested in this.

Steve Holmes said...

So, 9:33 and 9:40, I trust you're also against putting the addresses and phone numbers of abortion providers on the Internet, as has been done. Way worse than what was done here. "Between Joplin and Springfield" leaves a lot of territory.

I love these guys who march under the Confederate or Nazi banners and claim they're not racists. They missed history class.

As for costing people their jobs, I don't think people should be fired over their participation in a neo-Nazi rally, just as people should not be fired over flag-burning or being in a socialist rally. It you want your rights, be willing to accept that others have the same rights.

Anonymous said...

Steve, this is 940.

I am a male and have no stake in the abortion game. I could care less whether it is legal or illegal. All I know is that the right to express your freedom to assemble and speak is in the Constitution whereas abortion is not. The NewsLeader also said he was a Lebanon resident. You did read it, right?

Also racism in speech is not illegal. When it leads to violence, then it is.

And finally, I totally agree with your last two sentences!

Steve Holmes said...

Lebanon "native," 9:40. Means he's from there, not necessary living there now. The paper said he lives between Joplin and Springfield. You did read it, right?

Glad we agree the rights enjoyed by one side should be enjoyed by the other.

Unknown said...

We've had clowns parade around in Nazi uniforms for years; the best approach-- IGNORE them, and they'll go away in about 4 hours.
Now we have s national fake news establishment that's trying to use the nut jobs to attack Trump.

BTW, any honest human in the world who reviewed those tapes can see there WAS violence on both sides, including the counters who did NOT have s legal permit,

Another lie out of these prevarictors at CNN and MSNBC; General Pershing's troops DID deal with Muslims terrorists in the Philippines in the 1930's when he was the military Governor;and it was common practice to use pig blood, heads, etc. to control them

So, the Big shot TV debunkers need to be debunked

Harvey HUTCHINSON 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I'm thinking it's Aurora. Am I right,Randy?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter where he resides. Any person who seeks this person's address, phone number, place of employment or any other personal information is a stalker, a criminal conspirator and a civil rights violator! Anti-constitutional, anarchist scum!

Anonymous said...

All this over what is essentially second place trophies of the civil war. Talk about snow flakes.

Duh Bya Billy Blob Bubba Joe Jimmy John said...

Got dang right. This hyars by god missourah and we can be bigoted, neo-nazi, white supremacist racists all we want to.