Thursday, August 10, 2017

Marionville man announces candidacy for 7th District Congressional seat

(From the Vince Jennings campaign)

Vince Jennings, 61, of Marionville, has announced his candidacy in the 2018 Democrat primary for the Missouri 7th Congressional District.

“I look forward to serving Southwest Missourians who feel let down by the current political turmoil. My duty is to listen to concerned citizens and be accessible to all constituents. When not in DC, I will be in the local office with an open door policy that anyone can walk in and visit”, Mr. Jennings said.

Vince Jennings is best known for being an advocate for the release of Jeff Mizanskey who was serving life sentence without parole for a marijuana conviction. Mizanskey was released in 2015 after serving 20 years in prison.

Friends of Vince will tell you he is an excellent listener and problem solver. “The 2018 election is about restoring public confidence in the government and integrity in the halls of Congress. Concerning affordable healthcare, Congress has a responsibility to come together to create great health insurance while assuring our health providers remain sustainable.”

Mr. Jennings believes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are a “No touch zone.”

WIth a degree in Economics from Missouri State University (SMSU), Mr. Jennings has been self employed the last 32 years. “I started in the flea market business and in 2001 became a vendor with Amazon is a tough company to work with due to very high standards to provide quality products and exceptional customer service. The experience has taught me a lot in serving the public. “

Concerning the current political climate, Mr. Jennings says “People and patriotism must come before party. My allegiance is to the folks of SWMO and the US Constitution. I am sent to DC to represent Ozarkian views and needs...not special interests or political bosses.”

Vince Jennings is married to Kathy (Keithley) from Jamesville and is the proud grandfather of ten grandkids and one great-grandchild. “I will do anything for my family and friends. I have lived in the Ozarks for 34 years and love the people and respect their hard work ethics. They are an inspiration for me to be a better person in all aspects of my life.”

In his spare time Jennings enjoys traveling, fishing and metal detecting.

Mr. Jennings campaign goals include conducting listening post meetings in every town and chat with as many folks as he can. “It is about the people. I want to be a servant to them while retaining my integrity in the process. I won’t go to DC a good ole boy and come back an elite multi-millionaire. I promise to keep my roots in the Ozarks.”


Anonymous said...

What party affiliation?

Anonymous said...

You must be a Democrat. Just like Dingleberry Vince.

Anonymous said...

Worse yet you could be a party before country republican.