Thursday, February 22, 2018

St. Louis grand jury indicts Greitens on invasion of privacy charge

A St. Louis grand jury today indicted Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on felony invasion of privacy charges.

The indictment alleges Greitens committed the crime March 21, 2015 in St. Louis.

"The defendant knowingly photographed K S. in a state of full or partial nudity without the knowledge and consent of K S. and in a place where a person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy and the defendant subsequently transmitted the image contained in the photograph in a manner that allowed access to that image via a computer."


Anonymous said...

Prayers for all!

Anonymous said...

Let the Salem witch trials begin...

Steve Holmes said...

(sound of jaw dropping)

Wonder if a sitting MO Governor has ever been indicted on a felony charge before now.

Anonymous said...

JUST IN: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens mugshot

Anonymous said...

I cry foul on this one
Anyone who is having an affair with a married man knows exactly what the relationship is about. Sex.
She just wants revenge and cash.
I would not give her accusations any merit or court time.
Sometimes you just have to accept responsibility for the role you play. Learn your lesson and move on. It's not always someone elses fault.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why didn't she report him or file charges a longtime ago when it happened? Why wait?

As a woman I am disgusted by women who use sexual escapades to get what they want and now years later are claiming sexual harrassment.

Most women do experience unwanted sexual advancements or even sexual battery in their life. You have a choice when it happens to speak up right then. If you don't, you need to just keep it to yourself, learn from it and go on with your life.

Everyone wants to claim "victim" and wants their 15 minutes of fame or a pay-day.

In this case, she was whoring around with a married man and now just wants to ruin him because she didn't get money when she tried to extort him.

Anonymous said...

You can cry foul on this one - but breaking the law is breaking the law (even if you are the governor). If a "married man" gets involved with a "married women" - he knows this is risky behavior - and to use a photo to blackmail the married women - is reckless behavior. There was sufficient evidence for the grand jury to bring charges.

Governor Greitens - should apologize and resign immediately. What say you Harvey Hutchinson???

Anonymous said...


She did not come out with this information, her husband did after he recorded her without her knowledge. So, I am unsure as to how she is getting money off of this.

Furthermore, every person has the right to withdrawal consent. In fact, she never even gave consent to be photographed. Why is it so hard to understand?

By your logic then, the governor knew what he was getting in to by being the "family values" conservative out banging other women as a married man. It's not always someone else's fault... am I right?

Anonymous said...

I just read Greitens' statement calling his indictment "a disappointing and misguided political decision." So I guess that means the members of the grand jury were all out to get him because they don't like his politics and there was no evidence of a crime. Nice try, Governor, but no sale. said...

Maybe the lobbtyist he hired to lobby the legislature will fix it for him?

Messenger: Greitens slithers up to the biggest snake in the swamp and seeks salvation

" On Thursday, hours before the governor was indicted, Temple posted a video of that Greitens speech in which he attacks lobbyists. It was in reaction to the governor’s move of desperation the day before, when lobbyist Aaron Baker listed the law firm defending the governor in the criminal case, Dowd Bennett, as a new client.

“It certainly seems as if (Gov. Greitens) attitude about lobbyists has ‘evolved,’” Temple wrote on the social media platform Twitter.

Indeed, Greitens’ best hope to stay in office now is that a man he once considered the epitome of corruption — powerful GOP consultant Jeff Roe — can ward off impeachment proceedings in the Missouri House, currently being contemplated by legislative leaders.

Baker is a vice president of Roe’s Axiom Strategies firm. He also manages the public affairs company that issued a statement on behalf of the governor denying the charges."

Unknown said...


Someone raised the question of the absurd delay in filing the charges, including her own responsibility-/
The Democratic Party filed these charges with her ex husband trying to get money out of it.
Speaking of Trump, and the girl with Tonan Farrow ( maybe Frank Sinatra’s din, maybe Woody Allens) she writes her notes 10 years later.

Any problems here?

Harvey HUTCHINSON 303-522-6622 voice&text

I. M. Peachem BR549 OU812 said...

Nope no problems here, just a bunch of corrupt republicans with their immoral behavior getting what should be impeachment for both.