Thursday, February 15, 2018

Top NRA money recipients, including Roy Blunt, urge caution in discussing gun laws after Florida school shooting

McClatchy reports that Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO, who has received more than $4.5 million from the National Rifle Association, third most among members of Congress, is urging caution for anyone who thinks that gun control laws are needed in response to the murder of 17 people during the school shooting in Florida.

"Let's see if any of the current laws were violated or if there's any law that anybody has in mind that would have made a difference,” Blunt told reporters.

That's the kind of loyalty $4.5 million will get you.


Anonymous said...

No matter what laws you put in place, criminals will always have guns. At least law abiding citizens will have a chance, if we own our own guns.

Take away gun rights and you will just be a sitting duck when they come to shoot you.

People kill people.

Anonymous said...

The anti-gun lobby needs to start posting pictures of the victims just like the anti-abortion people do.

Anonymous said...

I would not be a sitting duck if ghost guns, high capacity magazines, bump stocks, armor piercing ammunition and assault rifles were not on the market Roy. It does not take thirty shots to kill a damned rabbit.

Anonymous said...

621- You are wrong about the intent of gun control. This kid was reported to the FBI and even kicked out if his school for his behavior and public threats. Yet, he walked into a store and bought a weapon of war, unquestioned. Under your logic, we cannot take action against him until the moment he opens fire. Do you really believe the FBI should not have disarmed him or more preferably stopped the purchase of the guns in the first place? Trump revoked the laws that stops the mentally from buying weapons. This was only done for nothing more than to rub it in Obama's face. The school had armed officers on campus, so just stop, laws need to be changed. Your way is not working.

Anonymous said...

Civilians who think they need automatic or semi automatic guns to protect themselves are the ones with mental health concerns. Paranoia for starters.NRA - you're losing the debate on this one. This next generation of young kids - voters aren't going to stand for your bullsh*t any longer. Bye Bye! Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Is the NRA the model the Russians used for their internet troll farms?

Inquiriung minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Roy Blunt. I do think he makes a good point on this issue. I haven't heard any reports of the law being broken by the shooter. So, if that proves to be the case, what laws need to be made to prevent future tragedies? Sarcasm, finger pointing and flag waving doesn't do anything to make our world safe. It's time to put resources in place to dig deep and figure out why these people feel the need to become mass murderers. We need to get to the root of the problem. If someone determined to KILL didn't have access to a gun, they could use a car, a bomb or some other method we haven't seen yet. Perhaps that would present a bigger challenge to the killer but criminals are creative in working around the system.

We need to take emotions out of the debate to find a solution. I don't own a gun but I have family members who are avid hunters. They don't use assault weapons to hunt deer.

Anonymous said...

TO: Roy Blunt

SInce your family makes so much bribe money as lobbyists do you really need to take bribes from the NRA too? Just askin. That may be why you are so quick to tell us to be cautious in discussing gun laws. Sounds like you are trying to play both sides there. But that's OK. We know who you really are.