Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gag order expected in Jalen Vaden murder case

Both sides in the Jalen Vaden murder case have asked Judge David Mouton for a protective order to stop the release of any materials from the case in order to prevent the necessity of a change of venue.

Vaden, 22, Carl Junction, is accused of second degree murder and felony child abuse in connection with the murder of three-year-old Jayda Kyle. Vaden was the live-in boyfriend of Devyn Kyle, Jayda's mother.

The need for the protective order came following the release of a series of documents connected to the case, including Juvenile Court documents and a Children's Division report on social media and on the Turner Report.

The motion, which was filed February 15 in Jasper County Circuit Court, includes the following explanation:

For good cause, the parties contend that documents disclosed in related civil and juvenile proceeding have been disclosed to the public via social media. Public disclosure of the evidence in this case will make it difficult to find fair and impartial jurors should the defendant exercise his right to a jury trial. The defendant has not filed a motion for change of venue, and the State does not have a right to seek a change of venue, which means if this case is tried, it will be tried here in Jasper County.

The motion asks to judge to seal documents at his own discretion. It would not apply to any notices of hearings that are open to the public.

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Hope Boyden said...

There has been so many rumors and untruths from the beginning of this. What strikes my curiosity, is why so many of you chose to post comments "anonymously"? While everyone has their own opinions, the facts are a precious 3 year old beautiful little girl was taken from us way to soon at the hands of pure evil. She is now survived by a sibling who one day will read the hate, utter disgusting displays of attack, lie after lie.....this child not only will have to live their life without their precious sister, but will be suffer ridicule and discontentment from the members of the community. Knowing that you, their community, has shown unwavering support for the person who sits in jail for taking the life of their sister. I will give credit where credit is due and say the "inner workings" of "working" together to cast doubt on the Maternal family is a well played game of chess. HOWEVER, how will you explain this to this young child when as they grow up will see for themselves what you have done? Do any of you think Jayda would be happy to see how you all have turned her death into your very own plight filled with hate? When the evidence comes out in the trial, I look forward to seeing APOLOGIES from every single one of you, including the media, who has turned this HORRIBLE LOSS into a circus.

Anonymous said...

Randy, were the documents that were leaked fake, as some people are claiming ? Specifically the the children's service report ?

Anonymous said...

Will court still be open to the public ?

Randy said...

To answer the questions- I was unaware that people are saying the documents were false, but I had multiple sources telling me they were legitimate and I have heard nothing that would change my mind about that.

Hearings in the case should be open to the public and the trial, if it reaches that point, definitely will be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy, some people are now claiming that those documents were "falsified", & Judd never tried to manipulate/ interfere with the investigate, more of people jumping sides I think.

Anonymous said...

Your good friend Becky Kemble caused most a LOT of what you just posted !

Randy said...

Becky Kemble may well have caused the problems, but the first part of your comment is inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Which part was inaccurate?

Anonymous said...

And we will be looking forward to yours. This was not a circus until you and your clowns came riding into town with your big top. Shame on you for turning it into what it is, you may not have passed out the pitch forks and torches but as a self proclaimed main advisor to Becky you stood behind the curtain as she pointed to the target. Go get them, no now go get them! Currently trying to attack a grieving father! That's when the true colors came shining through. Opened a lot of peoples eyes.

Luckily for me and my conscience I can sleep at night bc never once did I attack any of the revolving targets, because I knew there are 3 sides to every story, and that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Please pack up your circus and leave, once justice is served we will heal together as a community and we will make sure that little boy knows we will never forget his sister. I pray when the truth (the real truth) comes out that those who were unjustly crucified based on 'beat facts' will find it in their heart to forgive. That is what he will see, the power of love, forgiveness and a community coming together in the end for a beautiful little girl that is in all of our hearts. And that's my anonymous opinion.

Anonymous said...

The documents were written by a friend of the Kyle's attempting to help them get custody.
However since then she's has been removed from the case.
Dont get it was a real report but falsified by a scandalous worker .