Friday, January 26, 2018

Family of accused Jayda Kyle murderer suspects outside manipulation as SMB, GoFundMe accounts shut down

The family of Jalen Vaden, 22, Carl Junction, the man charged with the murder of three-year-old Jayda Kyle, suspects manipulation by someone powerful as their efforts to raise money for his defense have been shut down.

The latest instance came Wednesday when Southwest Missouri Bank closed the "Vaden Truth Fund."

The account was not a new one at SMB, but a retitled savings account belonging to Quianna Beaver-Vaden, Jalen Vaden's sister.

Bank officials closed the account Tuesday without telling Vaden, who found out when she tried to access it that evening.

SMB Executive Vice President Craig Tankersley explained his reasoning the next morning when Vaden met with him, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by the Turner Report.

"We're going to have to close your account," Tankersley told her. "Unfortunately, with all of the controversy that's surrounding this case, the bank can't be a part of that."

Tankersley then lectured her about the way she publicized her account.

"You guys posted on Facebook- our address, information- and you didn't have permission to do that. It's causing us problems with the rest of our customer base."

The recording indicates Tankersley was asked whether the interference was coming from Jayda Kyle's maternal grandfather attorney Judd McPherson.

He did not respond to the question.

When Vaden asked why she was not notified, Tankersley said the bank was in the process of doing that by sending her a certified letter with a cashier's check covering the amount of money that was in the account. The letter was going out later that day meaning the account would have been closed for two days before Vaden was officially notified.

Tankersley told Vaden she was welcome to try to find another institution to handle her account, but warned her, "You may have trouble getting that account with any other bank."

The Turner Report has learned that the Vaden Truth Fund is not the only SMB account to be closed because of the controversy. A number of the bank's clients closed their accounts after word of bank officials' decision to close the Vaden account circulated on social media.

The closure of the SMB account is not the first problem the Vaden family has encountered while trying to establish a fund to pay for legal expenses.

A GoFundMe account was shut down after complaints that the account was violating a GoFundMe regulation that prohibits the crowdfunding source from being used to raise money for legal expenses.

The money that had been raised was returned to those who contributed it.

Though GoFundMe's rules prohibit that type of account, many of GoFundMe's accounts have been used expressly for that purpose, including an account that was established last year to pay the legal fees of any of the women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment if he followed through on his threat to sue all of them and the most successful GoFundMe fundraiser of all time, the recent effort to raise money to defray legal costs for victims in the MeToo cases.

In social media postings, while no evidence has been provided to indicate McPherson or anyone else as the person or persons responsible for the closing of the SMB and GoFundMe accounts, there is a widespread belief that someone powerful is manipulating the system.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure GoFundMe allows campaigns for legal fees. Campaigns for legal defense of crimes associated with violence are prohibited.

Anonymous said...

Randy, we so appreciate you bringing the facts about this disturbing case to light. Everyone deserves the truth, but it seems hard to get. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Please look into the money given to Devyn Kyle following the fundraiser at Keller Williams as well as the funds collected on Go Fund Me. She received more than $10,000 between the two. Not one penny of that money has been spent on Jayda (medical expenses/funeral costs) nor her surviving son. That's to say nothing about how those fundraisers were held under false pretenses and outright lies. Keller Williams should be able to confirm that they wrote a check directly to her. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Was the conversation legally recorded? Why is the FB page still putting SMB on their page with assumptions of an employee being friends of Judd. They are slandering people.
They are creating drama!

On another note, they are all upset because Devyn had pictures of Jalen's son on her FB page, so it was disrespectful to Grace. Why then is it ok for Grace to have a picture of Jayda on her page.

Out of town rebels are trying to make Joplin look terrible. Not sure if they really care about the truth.

Randy said...

I love it when the first question is not whether it was accurate, but whether it was legally recorded. In Missouri, the law only requires that one person in a conversation be aware hat it is being recorded in order for it to be legal.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! We all know Jalen and his attorney are fighting an uphill battle! The injustice is real and it's time we put our money where our mouth is. There are 3,155 members in this group and we ALL want the truth to come out. We need to help raise the funds that can help make this happen. IF we ALL donate $20, we will be headed in the right direction (that adds up to $63,100). We know that $20 is more to some than it is to others and we totally get it; with that being said donate what you can. Every penny will help and Jalen needs our help! We want Justice for JK more than anything and we believe that starts with Justice for Jalen!! If you would like to donate, please MAIL (check or money order made out to Martin Law Office with Jalen Truth in memo) or DROP OFF funds to Martin Law Office, 430 W. 7th Street, Joplin, MO 64801 between the hours of 8:30 am-12 pm and 1 pm-5 pm Monday-Thursday and 8:30 am-1 pm Friday. We would like to have all funds collected by Friday, March 30th!! THANK YOU in advance. We stand united in our mission for truth and justice!

Anonymous said...

If they want to raise money for his defense they should just have the fund set up by his attorney.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though the more Truths that come to light Devyn and Judd are not looking as innocent as The Carl Junction Police Department would like us to believe The corruption lies and manipulation in this case get worse by the day!Despite their efforts THE TRUTH IS COMING TO LIGHT DAY BY DAY!!!JUST SEEMS AS THOUGH THEY ARE RECEIVING THE OPPISITE OF FREEDOM AS THE TRUTH IS COMING!! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Anonymous said...

SMB is a public institution and their contact information such as address and phone numbers can be obtained through Google... As far as I'm concerned, no permission is needed to share public information. SMB I'm deeply ashamed. I think I'll be closing mine out at SMB as well. They owe these families an apology made publicly. Again just my opinion. Sad day when a bank starts taking stances on judicial issues that aren't even complete. Innocent until proven guilty in this country last I checked! I do see this really hurting SMB and I'll encourage others to close their accounts there also. I'd hate to be affiliated with a bank that doesn't support truth.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a million different things to spend $20 on aside from supporting the defense fund of a man who beat a three year old child to death. Are these people serious? There is absolutely no way I’m giving money to help keep a man from receiving the maximum penalty for his actions. They can pretend like this money will bring justice, but it isn’t a fund to bring charges against that mother, it’s a fund to get this guy the lightest sentence a good attorney can buy. Huge difference. People should consider donating to the Missouri Child Abuse Prevention fund in the Jayda’s name.

Anonymous said...

Out of town rebels? Everyone deserves a fair trial it's the law. Joplin is looking bad because Judd Mcpherson is calling the the shots.

Unknown said...

I would like to know if this is true.

Anonymous said...

They also shut down the account with Jaydas name to fight for her brother makes me sick they are a bank they deal in money they are not supposed to be swayed or personal involvement just wrong!!!! I have never in all my life seen a bank turn down money really!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God , it's caught the eyes of "out of town " rebels , maybe this will get the higher ups involved as to how corrupt this whole case is. I don't blame Gracie one bit for not wanting her child associated with that family , she acts like she has a sick obsession with that little boy. If I knew in my heart my boyfriend killed my child , I would want no part of him, definitely not to look at pictures of his child daily that looks just like him, makes a lot of sense right ??? Odd behavior of a "grieving" mother, just maybe she can't let go of him , because she KNOWS he didn't kill that little girl.

Anonymous said...

Bet it's not hard to guess who that reply was from !!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree the mother needs to be investigated. I also agree he deserves a fair trial, but I won’t be paying for it beyond the tax dollars I already have contributed that go toward funding our local justice system.

You asked how I know he beat her to death. That statement was based upon the information released by law enforcement regarding his official confession. That taped confession is admissible in court and will be used as evidence. It provided law enforcement with enough evidence for an arrest warrant signed by a judge. That information is extremely difficult to argue with. He confessed to beating her to death and I’m not donating money to the defense fund of a man who beat a three year old child to death.

His defense fund in no way relates to the investigation of the mother. Private defense attorneys are not public law enforcement. Paying for an attorney to fight for his freedom does not in any way affect the mother. The argument is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I pray that whoever is responsible for ending that baby's life will be brought to justice.
I hope that ALL of you pray in earnest that this will come to pass.

I will not be contributing any money to a defense fund.
He should have never made a statement about his guilt if it were not true.
They would have to torture me unto death to make me confess to a crime like this, if I were not guilty.

Unknown said...

They do

Unknown said...

The moms family had a go fund me to I have proof of that but it was ok for them this is corruption from all including law enforcement to judges to her dad being a lawyer she and her family are guilty and the world is watching I’ve contacted Fbi to get involved sent them everything I have including all the news coverage your coverage they are guilty period

Unknown said...

Joplin is a joke can’t wait till Fbi gets involved and they go down and he looses his lawyers rights

Unknown said...

Yes they did because any innocent party wouldn’t go to the extreme they are when she and her family are guilty of murdering Jayda

Dusty Roads said...

He beat the little girl to death he admitted that,,,he is a piece of crap he should get the death penalty...his GF is a piece of crap to..Judd never taught her better ,,,they thought it was all cool with her hanging out with a wanna be gang banger

Anonymous said...

There are other banks for fools to give money to pay for the legal defense of an accused and confessed child killer. Of course now that he has already confessed I don't see how even Clarence Darrow or Gerry Spence could get him off.

Seems like the sister of the child-killer wants to buy a lawyer in order to get the mother of the murdered child. The problem is that GoFundMe can't buy another prosecutor. It can provide for candy and potato chips for the killer in jail though.

Maybe the sister of the killer should find another bank or simply set up a paypal account for her brother the admitted baby-killer.

That said, the grandfather who is the lawyer is a scumbag, as are all lawyers. So hiring a lawyer to go after the mother isn't going to accomplish anything as long as she keeps her mouth shut like her lawyer daddy tells her to if she wants to stay out of prison. Her lawyer won't let her talk to the police or sheriff's department. So what exactly will funding this legal fund accomplish?

This silly crap will blow over eventually.

Anonymous said...

Were you there when this alleged "confession" took place? How do you know he's a "wanna be gang banger"? Are YOU a gang banger??? Or are you just believing what's told to the news media? Unless you were there for ANY of this, you don't know EXACTLY what happened.

Anonymous said...

He didn't....

Anonymous said...

Tic toc

Anonymous said...

Sadly this will not just "blow over." Her lies have been documented and the world is watching. I think it's overwhelming evident at this point that she should also be charged for at minimum negligence and her father should be charged with obstruction of justice. They already have a state agency stating that her father has tried to guide this investigation. The truth will come to light in the end! I would have no doubt that if you're surrounded by the good ol'boys you'd probably sing whatever time they tell you and that's a fact! You can act all tough but until you're in that position you can't honestly say what you'd do. Why hasn't the mother come out and publicly cleared up these questions about her lies if she's got nothing to hide? I find that to be very odd.

Anonymous said...

They are guilty judd n devyn. Not only has all this gone on but not everyone is aware of this but several things have happened to my friend whom happens to be the mother of jalens brother. She was making posts and comments about things that had to w the case. Stuff kept happening to their house and one night someone went as far as to set itbon fire w her 5 children in house. Luckily no one was hurt and it was put out in time.. Thats 5 attempt to murder charges but she stopped making posts about case n nothing else has happened. A coincidence...i think not!!!! They are guilty!!!!!