Thursday, January 11, 2018

Senate Democratic leaders call for investigation into Greitens' alleged violence, threats during extramarital affair

Senate Democratic Leaders Sen. Gina Walsh (D – Bellefontaine Neighbors) and Sen. Kiki Curls (D-Kansas City) today issued the following statement:

“In light of the very serious allegations made against the governor, there are many questions still left unanswered. But let’s be clear – violence and threats against women are never acceptable. 

"Allegations of extortion, coercion or threats of violence must be investigated by the proper authorities. People accused of these egregious acts do not get to waive off the scrutiny of law enforcement simply because they are in a position of power; and victims of these crimes deserve our full support.”

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Anonymous said...

No way. The problem has been handled. He gave the required church (partial) confession with his obedient wife looking on. Case closed. He is a "good christian man."