Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ed Emery: Anti-faith movement is taking our nation away from our heritage and in a dangerous direction

(From Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar)

George Washington Carver, whose amazing exploits in agriculture I remember from my childhood visit to the museum in Diamond, MO, was the governor’s first subject during his State of the State Address. His thrilling account was the perfect lead-in to the governor’s primary theme of Missouri’s foster child and adoption systems. Both he and Missouri’s First Lady have actively pursued ways to improve how our state can better set disadvantaged young people on a course of success that develops fully their God-given potential.

There were other subjects addressed as well: tax reform, law enforcement, veterans and our state’s National Guard. The governor called attention to policy successes over the last year that have improved employment, job creation, reductions in Missouri’s regulatory quagmire and shrinking government while improving government services. You can find the full text of his speech online.

Meanwhile, 2018 legislative business has begun in earnest. Senate hearings began this week and some major bills were heard in committees. Countless interviews were held by those of us serving on the Gubernatorial Appointments Committee. This governor has shown a determination to eliminate boards and commissions that overlap or are unnecessary and to populate those that remain. Dozens of openings existed, making it impossible for many boards to even meet due to lack of a quorum. The Gubernatorial Appointments Committee voted to recommend confirmation of nearly twenty-five of these new appointees this week.

Each day this week, more bills have been assigned to committees, and as bills are heard and voted out of committee, floor debate will begin, probably as early as next week. My committee assignments remain the same as last year: Commerce, Judiciary, Government Reform and Education.

You may remember from last week’s Report that January 17 is the day of the “Keep Faith in America”prayer rally in Jefferson City. I hope many of you will be able to attend. Some of the comments I received on Facebook after last week’s report reinforce why this rally is so necessary and significant. The anti-faith movement is increasing and becoming more hostile, taking our nation away from our heritage and in a dangerous direction. It is important that we join and speak the truth in love to restore both history and hope. May God bless each of you in your efforts to strengthen families, communities and our state.


Anonymous said...

To God be the Glory for keeping America as long as he has. If our nation turns against God, heaven help us. I pray we will seek him with all of our heart.

Steve Holmes said...

Clever. Calling it the "anti-faith" movement. We have faith. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our friends. our families and our loved ones. We may even have faith that a supernatural power had something to do with us being here. We just don't give it a name or feel it speaks through us to tell other people what to do. That appears to be Emery's version of "faith."

The "anti-faith" movement? Give me a break. You can't become dog-catcher in this country without at least doing a photo-op at church. A stated belief in God is almost a requirement for public office. How about tackling Missouri's real problems, Emery?

Isn't Emery the same bloke who made the Governor a saint for admitting to putting his thingie where the thingie of a married man doesn't belong? Isn't that against one of them there commandments?

Anonymous said...

Ed I agree 100%! The governor was not faithful to his wife!

Anonymous said...

(((Greiten's))) faith is not a faith that we need in ANY leadership position in this nation!

Anonymous said...

First the disclaimer, I do not believe in religion and hold those who wear their religion on their sleeves in contempt. However, in this case I plan to pray. I will pray every day that the people of this country come to their senses and start taxing the Churches. Anybody want to buy a personally autographed picture of Jesus Christ?

Anonymous said...

The anti-faith movement, if it exists, is due to the religious right trying to shove parts of their bible into our daily lives. Keep your faith out of our elected offices, along with all the others.