Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nearly 4,000 sign petition to bring Joplin Police Department incident spotlight back

Joplin residents are up in arms over City Manager Sam Anselm's order that the Joplin Police Department discontinue its daily incident spotlight reports.

A petition, which was launched Friday already has 3,871 signatures.

The petition, started by Tom Rogers, Joplin reads as follows:

The Joplin Police Department has been posting regularly on social media regarding arrests, criminal activity alerts, warnings about traffic conditions, and other valuable community information. 

Recently, city leadership has asked the police department to stop social media posts. This service of the police department speeds the delivery of information about incidents in our city. We ask that these social media posts be continued.


Anonymous said...

CITYRATING.COM claims that Joplin has a 46% higher rate in violent crime than the rest of the nation and 166% higher rate in property crimes. No wonder they don't want you to see this.

Anonymous said...

If you live in Joplin or the surrounding area please sign this petition.

Hopefully someone will also write up a petition to oust the City Manager.

Anonymous said...

They could try highlighting all the people they arrest for being homeless alone, or how over the Summer they were arresting black people specifically for jaywalking, but nobody else.

Anonymous said...

831 Racist comment. Get help.

Anonymous said...

The Blaze has picked up this story.