Thursday, January 25, 2018

Southwest Missouri Democrats to protest Greitens appearance in Joplin next week

(From Southwest Missouri Democrats)

Dark Money, *Disappearing Text Apps, *No Priorities for Jefferson City Ethics Reform, *Bully Tactics with the State Legislature, and *Underhanded Tactics with the State Board of Education, and Water Board... Governor Eric Greitens would not even pass his own Ethics Test!

Join Southwest Missouri Democrats and Indivisible Joplin: Plan MO on Tuesday January 30th at 1:30pm to call out Governor Greitens!!!

Green Party of Joplin & the Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri and Emily Newell Blair Women's Democratic Club will also be hosting protests outside the event.

Governor Greitens is scheduled to speak at 2pm at the Lozier Corporation in Joplin on Schifferdecker Rd.

We will update with further details as needed.


Anonymous said...

What's new,anyone seen an honest Govenor recently or Democrats that smile and seem to enjoy life?

Anonymous said...

Democrats don't want an efficient governmental system. They want to cause chaos and dissent.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:52, sorry, Greitens is in office and still haven't seen an honest governor yet.

@9:35, sorry your president and his National Enquirer mental instability is causing chaos and dissent.