Monday, January 29, 2018

Kim Frencken: Some thoughts on fidget spinners

Okay. I'm a little behind.

I had my first experience with fidget spinners.

I was mesmerized! The student was focused. In fact none of the students were distracted.
But I was completely fascinated with the rapid spinning motion. Needless to say, I stopped talking and listening as I was drawn in the whirl.

So... that's a fidget spinner!? That's how they work. Now, I'm not so sheltered that I haven't seen pictures, but this was my first up-close-experience with one in action. It is as if I've had a fidget spinner magnet installed in me. I am now seeing them everywhere. Maybe I'm just more observant. Maybe I'm just paying more attention. And, did you know that there is more than one way to spin them? Amazing!

So this is the "evil" invention that is driving everyone crazy? This small piece of triangular plastic is single handedly destroying education? Oh, I can see how they could cause a classroom disruption. I mean look at how they "disrupted" me, but create chaos? I can see where a fidget spinner would be a detriment to the educational process, just like stress balls, wobbly seats, or phones. I can imagine how a classroom full of them could erupt into competition.

And... I'd be right in the center of it. Lesson totally forgotten. Precious instructional minutes lost. But on the positive side ... relationships could be built on a common interest and a new skill would be learned. Then we'd have to put them aside until our next fidget spinner break-out. Yes, there will be those who will try to have them out all the time and to disrupt class. Those students will always find a way and a means. But there won't always be fidget spinners.

I think I'll go buy a fidget spinner of my own!

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