Friday, January 19, 2018

Jalen Vaden's lawyer asks for change of judge, cites Dankelson's close relationship with Judd McPherson

Citing Judge Dean Dankelson's close relationship with the victim's grandfather, the attorney for Jalen Vaden, 22, Carl Junction, the accused killer of three-year-old Jayda Kyle, filed a motion today in Jasper County Circuit Court asking that Dankelson (pictured) recuse himself from the case.

In attorney Tracey Martin's motion, she cites connections between Dankelson and attorney Judd McPherson, Jayda Kyle's maternal grandfather.

"The honorable Dean Dankelson lives in Carl Junction in the same neighborhood as the victim's family.

"The defendant understands that the judge, as a neighbor, has a personal relationship with the victim's grandfather and said grandfather was a supporter of the judge's judicial campaign."

The motion also cites Dankelson's close relationship with Carl Junction Police Chief Delmar Haase, who investigated Jayda Kyle's death.

Dankelson will rule on the motion prior to a scheduled arraignment 8:50 a.m. Monday. In Missouri, attorneys are automatically granted one change of judge, but if a judge recuses himself for cause, an attorney retains the option to ask for another change of judge.

Dankelson's relationship with McPherson is problematic because of allegations made in Jasper County Children's Division documents that McPherson interfered with the investigation into his granddaughter's death.

Though it is not mentioned in the change of judge motion, the Children's Division documents allege that McPherson already attempted to influence a judge shortly after Jayda Kyle's death in a situation concerning the custody of Jayda's brother.

When McPherson found out another relative of the boy would get custody instead of him and his wife, he did not take it well, according to the report:

When informing Judd of the current situation, he first asked who the judge was who signed the order, then he stated he would be getting that changed and ended the call.

Jayda Kyle died at Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, December 1, three days after being found unresponsive in her bedroom at 405 Meadow Lake, Carl Junction.

The autopsy confirmed she had abusive head trauma.

Jalen Vaden, who remains in the Jasper County Jail without bond, was the live-in boyfriend of Devyn Kyle, Jayda's mother. He is charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse.


Anonymous said...

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Why hasn't the Mother been charged?

Anonymous said...

Joplin! This case has got to be moved to another jurisdiction if it's got any chance at all. Our area is as corrupt as hell. This judge is Judd's freaking neighbor and I'm sure they've had fast food together. If I had to guess, they often share the baconnater. No, I'm not saying they share a value meal but they usually get the same thing...supersized of course.

Anonymous said...

This area is horrible! I've got to GTFO!

Anonymous said...

Is it Dankelson or dingleberry?

Anonymous said...

3:10 - They are neigbors like you indicated and probably so much more.